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Badminton is a competitive event with polished movements, complex and variable techniques and tactics, and fierce confrontation. The current level of badminton in world has reached a new height. It requires players not only to have mature technique, flexibility and variability of tactics, but it also requires better physical preparation.

Therefore, whether you are a professional badminton player or most badminton enthusiasts, good physical fitness is a prerequisite for a good badminton game. According to badminton's requirements for all aspects of physical fitness, it can be summarized as follows: speed and agility are key, strength is foundation, and endurance is guarantee.



Special learning content includes:

1 speed workout

2 sensitive trainings

3 strength training

4 endurance workouts

5 flexibility exercises

6 Reduce difference between two sides of training

Today we will learn about speed exercises for first time

Speed ​​practice


Reaction exercise

Reaction rate is speed at which human body reacts to various stimuli, and is a complex manifestation of many physical qualities. Badminton players need to quickly respond to various situations during game, which requires an increase in reaction speed of human body.

The coach should give players various visual stimuli so that they can react as quickly as possible and keep up with speed of ball. At same time, coach must also train speed of player's reaction to sound signal.

In a doubles match, there will be prompt words from teammates, and processing signals given by teammates as quickly as possible will help to understand position and intentions of teammates in a timely manner. In practice, practice of hitting multiple balls quickly is often used to improve players' reaction speed, or to react by watching or listening to various cues given by coach.


Movement speed

Speed ​​of action in badminton is mainly reflected in swing speed of upper limbs. The following methods are commonly used to increase swing speed: using multiple balls for continuous hitting, pumping, rebounding, pushing in first half, and passive alignment in backcourt. Draw and expectation.

The coach sends balls in different directions and at different depths to players in front of net, and players quickly return ball to center of field, requiring fast movements, quick returns and quick responses.


Movement Speed ​​Training

The speed of movement of a badminton player, that is, speed of movement of foot, is key to a good game of badminton. Footwork is soul of badminton Without great footwork, even best hand skills are empty talk. A shot out of place is a forced shot, and quality of shot will naturally decrease.

Special Method of Movement Speed ​​Exercise:

1. Small steps and fast running

Run at high speed while marching and turn to accelerate 20-30 meters when you hear signal. You need to quickly start and finish exercise at high speed. 2-3 times in each group, repeat 2-3 groups with 1 minute rest between groups.

2. Run with your feet high and turn to speed up

Raise your legs quickly and run at a high frequency while marching. After listening to signal, turn around to speed up run. You need to raise your legs high. The movement is standardized, and frequency is gradually accelerated. 2-3 times in each group, repeat 2-3 groups with 1 minute rest between groups.

3. Restart

Run several times less than specified distance at a pace of 95% or more. You can also repeat a set of different distances. 3 to 5 times in each group, repeat 2 to 3 groups and rest betweengroups of 3 minutes.

4. Running at variable speed

Speed ​​up and run 30, 50 or 80 meters, then relax and jog 30, 50 or 80-100 meters. Either accelerating and running in a straight line, running in a curve, or running fast in a curve, running in a straight line, etc. is running at different speeds. They asked to run and rest, not to walk. Each group has 4 to 6 variable speed steps, repeats 3 to 5 groups and takes 3 minutes between groups.

Use reactive games

(For badminton fans)

Choose a combination of partners

Practitioners run in circles, listen to trainer's password, and form a group of several people.

Chasing game

Two stand with their backs at a distance of 1 m. According to coach's rules, which team is odd and which is even (or other signals), listen to coach's password to tell if it is an odd or even number (the coach says number), according to previous rules (called on an odd number, running or chasing on an odd number), one team runs and other pursues. If they catch up within a distance of about 15 to 20 meters they win, and if they don't catch up, they lose .

Start chase

Running paired with a distance of 2 meters, having heard a signal and starting to accelerate, latter catches up with first, stops after catching up and slapping him on back, and really catches up within 20 meters. It can also be used when catching up, coach gives a second signal to turn around and exchange to catch up.


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September 05, 2023