They are very brave on badminton court, but they are sunny and beautiful outside.

Guoyu at China Badminton Open ended September 22

Concluded with 2 gold and 1 silver

Some major Guoyu players are improving

But today we are not going to analyze all aspects of Guoyu.

Today I want to share something different with you

Reviewing World Badminton Federation ranking in men's singles

Kento Momota continues to win first place

Chinese Taipei star Zhou Tiancheng took second place

Shi Yuqi third

Danish player Antonsen fourth

Chen Long, fifth

Two of top five

In general

The strength of our national pen is still very high!

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We often see badminton players

Appearance of fight on field

So, next

Let's see also

These five men's singles players

Take off your jersey for a casual off-pitch look!

(Big wave of images coming soon)

Momota Kento

Zhou Tiancheng

Shi Yuqi


Chen Long

How about this after seeing a lot of photos

Do you feel it?

How different are they in real life from what's on court?

But I think

Despite fact that appearance of athletes off field is constantly changing

Can't picture them as athletes

This aura and temperament from within

just put on a T-shirt

On sports ground, as hardy as a tiger coming down a mountain or a dragon swimming across a river

And take off their combat clothes

In life, they love life as much as we do



Who is your favorite player?

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September 05, 2023