Unleash the super badminton friction skills, help you improve your front skills

At first, after you learn how to rub ball, some beginners are generally unpredictable in this regard. However, as gaming skills of both sides improve day by day, there will be a way to deal with it, so it will be more of a hassle for you to rub. As soon as your opponent catches that you are hitting ball too high, then you have failed.

For golfers, learning to rub ball in front of net has more benefits:

①Before controlling net, make your opponent play with a high ball to get more attacking opportunities;

②The pre-net technique does not require too much physical training, it only needs to master normal technical movements, which means that most people can master it;

③As you age, backcourt's physical strength and attacking ability will be significantly weakened, but if you focus on front of net, it will still not affect your doubles ability, and more you use net, more proficient you will be and you can create more opportunities for your teammates.

If you want to acquire above 3 skills, you must train well to reach a higher level.

The rubbing is most widely used move in front of net, and one of most powerful offensive moves in frontcourt. Chafing is only technology in badminton that hits ball by friction against surface of racket, causing ball to spin and roll and change its flight path. Rubbing ball increases difficulty of bringing opponent back to ball to achieve effect of hitting ball with little force but equivalent to a powerful impact force. In order for rubbed ball to approach net and turn completely, it is very important to master angle and surface strength of racket.

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Now let's get familiar with basics of wiping on right with following text description of wiping on right before mesh.

(1) After judging incoming ball, use right footwork to start and move towards incoming ball from right side of body. At same time that shoulder and elbow are axis, external rotation of forearm causes wrist to abduct and stretch towards ball.

(2) While holding cheering hand, do appropriate number of half-circles to bring racket to right front of body. At this time, left arm naturally moves back, parallel to direction opposite to that of right arm, keeping body in balance and preparing to hit ball.

(3) Select impact point at a distance of 10 to 30 cm from top of net. The forearm is turned slightly outward, wrist is slightly abducted and stitched, and racket is clamped with index and thumb, and lower right bottom of incoming ball is rubbed with force of wrist and fingers, so that ball rotates and rolls over net.

(4) Immediately after hitting ball, move your right leg back to center and simultaneously bring your arm to your chest in preparation for hitting next ball.

1. Diagram

Pay attention to wrist

Pay attention to front of racket, 45° is best angle

Front Rubbing

Rubbing with back of hand

(1) Try using top half of racket frame to rub ball.

(2) If enemy is further from net, hit it higher. Why? If rubbed higher, ball will spin faster, this can make ball fall vertically after passing net;

(3) Regardless of type of ball, practice ball with proper support; mostly use your fingers to control surface of racket and use your wrist to help control direction of ball, but basically don't use arm strength; whole action of rubbing ball is from inception to impact. The ball and elbow joint should try to bend and extend as little as possible, otherwise it will affect feeling when rubbing ball and make it difficult for you to control ball. Hold large and small arms at an angle of about 150-170 degrees.

(4) There are two training methods: one is for two people to drive ball over net, other is for your partner to throw ball and you rub it. Both methods require practice and cannot replace each other.

(5) 30% of level of possession of a small ball depends on talent, and 70% - on daily practice. I can not say for sure. You need to practice more and play more, in beginning movements will be bigger and harder, as long as you master correct method of rubbing ball and applying force in practice, if you practice more, it should belong to you; if you don't practice, it will be someone else's.

(6) The weaker grip for grinding ball, better, and weaker fingers, sharper sensation, just don't let racket fall and hit your legs.

2. Ball friction in real combat

When ball is relatively sticky to net, you can hit ball back with a big move from left to right

Rubbing Lin Dan right and left, pay attention to keep direction of kick close to sideline, purpose of this kind of rubbing is to bring rubbed ball closer to sideline

In a duel between masters, goal of hitting ball is not to score directly, but to force opponent to hit ball passively, looking for flaws in order to catch up and score.

September 06, 2023