Don't get lost in badminton skills, learn from world champion and catch ball with a backhand in front of net

1. Classification of pure backhand technique:

(1) Basics of traditional batting technique:

1) Use backhand grip method, with an empty palm and an empty tiger mouth. (Take right side camera as an example) as shown in Fig. 13-0

Picture 13-0

2) Preparing for side throw. The side throw method is basically same as left highball. Rice. 13-1

Figure 13-1

3) After hitting ball, hand and wrist brake sharply. Figure 13-2

Figure 13-2

4) Demonstration of full motion of a normal ball kick: as shown in Figure 13-3

Picture 13-3 Plain batting

In short, difference between left hand side racket and right side side racket is that side racket basically uses external rotation of forearm to generate force and prevent air resistance. In this way, your hitting action on ball is small and your strength is great, which creates a great threat to opponent. Pay attention to deceleration of hands and wrists after hitting ball.

(2) Basic batting skills when time is short:

Using a flat racket to hit ball, disguise is not reliable

Full demonstration of actions: as shown in fig. 13-4

Fig. 13-4. Kicking ball out of time

(3) The basics of hitting ball in situations close to goal and near goal:

Apply wipe method as shown in fig. 13-5

Figure 13-5. Move close to clean

There are many similarities and differences between backhand and righthand techniques. I hope that everyone will practice more, mastering basic technical movements, so that they can take skills to a higher level!

September 06, 2023