Don't get confused in badminton, your skills should get stronger and you should learn how to catch ball with a right hand in front of net.

Forehand is an offensive technique in front of net. When incoming ball is above net, if you can grab high point and play a threat shot, you will take lead to control frontcourt. The punching technique can be roughly divided into three categories: regular puck, puck when time runs out, and puck when ball is very close to net. This section is mainly about regular ball hitting.

1. Classification of pure right hand techniques:

(1) Basics of traditional batting technique:

1) Use right hand grip method, with an empty palm and an empty tiger mouth. (Take right side camera as an example) as shown in Fig. 12-0

Picture 12-0

2) Preparing for a side kick, side kick method is basically same as the high ball right side kick method. Figure 12-1

Figure 12-1

3) After hitting ball, hand and wrist brake sharply. Figure 12-2

Figure 12-2

4) Full motion demonstration of normal kicking ball: as shown in Diagram 12-3 and Diagram 12-4

Fig. 12-3. Normal kick (without demonstration of ball)

Fig. 12-4. Regular kick (demo with ball)

Shooting Benefits:

First, prepare a side kick that is well hidden. You can arbitrarily change direction of ball at moment of hitting ball, for example, throw ball diagonally or straight.

Second, side shot basically uses internal rotation of forearm to create force to avoid air resistance. Thus, your dashing movements are small and strength is large, which creates a great threat to opponent. Note deceleration of hand and wrist after impact.

In short, if you have time, you should shoot sideways to minimize wind resistance, and you can make various feints.

(2) Basic batting skills when time is short:

Using a flat racket to hit ball, disguise is not reliable

When time is too late, you need to use strength of your fingers and wrists to hit ball with flat side. The disadvantage of this method of catching ball is that your racket will be exposed to your opponent. in advance and ball concealment will be reduced. This is a special method of handling ball when time does not allow and there is no other way out.

Full action demonstration: as shown in fig. 12-5 and fig. 12-6

Fig. 12-5. Kicking ball out of time (demo without ball)

Fig. 12-6. Kicking ball out of time (demo with ball)

(3) The basics of hitting ball in situations close to goal and near goal:

Using mopping method

In response to an opponent's ball that is closer to net or sticks to net, if you use above two methods to hit ball, direction of momentum will be forward and braking will be difficult. ball in a unique way, just like a car wiper, surface of racket and head of ball create a certain friction, causing ball to rotate unevenly on opponent's field, confusing opponent to find point of impact. Rice. 12-7, Fig. 12-8

Figure 12-7. Kicking ball close to net (without showing ball)

Figure 12-8. Kick near net (demo with ball)

2. Classification of right hand shots in front of net:

1. When an opponent's incoming ball goes too high through net, use your left foot first and at same time raise your arm, then step with your right foot, throw ball down, and finally step together or step back into midfield. Figure 12-9

Figure 12-9

2. When an opponent approaches ball, put your right foot first and at same time you need to prepare structure to catch ball, then push off with both feet to catch ball, and finally return to center of field with parallel or cross steps. Figure 12-10

Figure 12-10

Hitting ball in front of net can cause next kick to take initiative or score immediately, which is an effective attacking tool. Mastery of this technique can improve ability to take advantage of opportunities on court and take initiative.

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September 06, 2023