The core technology of badminton, ball collection, is more important technology in badminton technology.

1. Basis for rebounding on right in front of net:

1) Hold palm up, hold racket straight, forearm and forearm fully extended, racket is an extension of arm, and left arm naturally extends in opposite direction of right arm. (Take right side camera as an example) as shown in Fig. 9-0

Picture 9-0

2) When grabbing racket, palm is empty, tiger's mouth is empty, thumb is on small oblique edge, there is a gap between index and middle fingers, middle and ring fingers, and last two fingers wrap around end of racket, forming base of the slingshot. Figure 9-1

Figure 9-1

3) The right foot is in a forward lunge (the knee joint usually does not extend beyond toes) and upper body is upright or slightly forward.

4) When hitting ball, use internal rotation force of forearm and grip force of fingers to hit ball at same time, as shown in fig. 9-2

Figure 9-2

5) Immediate deceleration of hands and wrists after impact. Figure 9-3

Figure 9-3

6) Finally, close frame and reset it, adjust center of gravity and prepare for next frame. Rice. 9-4

Figure 9-4

The process of picking up ball and hitting ball is similar to movements of holding scalpel (finger condition), leveling glass of water (preparation) and splashing point (when hitting ball) that we are familiar with. in life.

2. Below is a dynamic demonstration of rebounding ball: as shown in fig. 9-5 as shown in fig. 9-6

Figure 9-5

Figure 9-6

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September 07, 2023