Badminton technique in front of net, backhand, ball friction in front of net, backhand is not embarrassing, learn from world champion

Backhand rubbing in front of mesh is same as rubbing to right. It can be divided into pull-in rubbing and scatter rubbing.

1. The essence of backhand before net:

1) Hold palm down and hold racket horizontally. The right arm is naturally extended in direction of ball. The racket is an extension of arm, and left arm is naturally extended in opposite direction of ball. right hand. (Take shooting with right hand as an example) as shown in fig. 10-0

Picture 10-0

2) When holding racket, palm is empty, tiger's mouth is empty, thumb is on small oblique edge of racket, there is a gap between index and middle fingers, between middle and ring fingers, and last two fingers squeeze end of racket, forming base of slingshot. Figure 10-1

Picture 10-1

3) The right leg is in a forward lunge state and upper body is upright or slightly forward.

4) When hitting ball, upper and lower arms remain stable and wrist adducts or retracts to control angle and direction of kick. Figure 10-2

Picture 10-2

Picture 10-2

5) After hitting ball, the wrist slows down. Figure 10-3

Figure 10-3

6) Finally, close frame and reset it, adjust center of gravity and prepare for next frame. Figure 10-4

Picture 10-4

In short, process of rubbing a ball is like playing a flute (finger condition), leveling a glass of water (preparation), peeling an apple, or raking rice (when hitting ball), which we do. familiar in life.

2. Two backhand rubbing techniques in front of mesh:

Note. Regardless of pulling or spreading technique, basic grip and basic structure before hitting ball mentioned above are same. Below we classify and explain differences between two techniques:

1) Shrinkage technology

When hitting ball, wrist is pulled back and surface of racket rubs against head of ball, causing ball to spin over net. The pull and friction technique is usually applicable to long-range tennis balls. As shown in Figure 10-5 and Figure 10-6

Picture 10-5

Picture 10-6

2) Spread rubbing technology

When hitting ball, wrist is retracted and surface of racquet rubs against head of ball, causing ball to spin over net. After hitting ball, forearm will have a certain degree of external rotation. (follow up). Note. As a rule, it is not recommended to use a ball that is far from net and a ball that is higher than net, because if ball is too far from net, force of ball is not enough. ; ball that is above net must be rubbed higher. Friction spread is usually suitable for close tennis. When Zhang Ruo is dealing with a ball coming in a diagonal line, since opponent's incoming ball's flight path matches direction of Zhang Ruo's force, it is more stable and easier to grab than deflecting Ruo. Rice. 10-7, Fig. 10-8

Figure 10-7

Picture 10-8

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September 07, 2023