The midfield forehand technique is an important defensive technique in badminton to deal with an opponent's punch.

1. The complete process for a right hook typically includes:

Preparation for hitting ball (including basic grip of racket and structure of preparatory actions),

Hit ball,



Note: The grip of forehand hook is slightly different from previous forehand grip, that is, thumb is pressed against wide surface of racket, palm is empty, tiger's mouth is empty, and back two fingers are tightly closed at end of grip, forming base of slingshot.

Press thumb of right hand on wide surface of racket, naturally straighten arm and place it on right side of body, keep surface of racket flat, palm towards net (approximately parallel to net), both feet in a walking state, while center of gravity slightly shifted to right. Stretch your wrist to hit ball hard, then apply emergency brake, complete your shot and reset, adjust your center of gravity, and get ready for your next shot. As shown in fig. 6-0 (technical movements mentioned in article are taken as an example with the right hand)

Fig. 6-0 Preparing right hook - hitting ball - braking - drop process

2. Right hook basics:

1) The palm is facing net, arm is naturally extended and surface of racket remains flat.

2) Holding racket, press thumb of right hand on wide surface of racket, while center of palm should be empty, and tiger's mouth is empty, and last two fingers should tightly grasp end of racket. to form base of slingshot. Figure 6-1

Figure 6-1

3) Both feet are in a state of walking, right knee is slightly bent, and body's center of gravity is slightly shifted to right to deflect incoming ball. Figure 6-2

Figure 6-2

4) As ball flies, straighten your wrist and hit ball hard.

5) After hitting ball, press your thumb firmly against wide surface of racket, squeeze your palm with all your might, and slow down in an emergency.

As shown in fig. 6-3

Figure 6-3

The process of hitting ball with hook is similar to actions of holding scalpel (finger state) and leveling glass of water (preparation) that we are familiar with in life. As shown in Figure 6-4 and Figure 6-5

Figure 6-4. Dynamic demonstration of process of hitting middle court with a hook (without ball)

Drawing 6-5 Hook and Shot Dynamic Demonstration in Midfield (with Ball)

3. Summarize technical terms of wrist and elbow movements mentioned in previous lectures:

(Based on human anatomy)

Multiple states of wrist movement: flexion, extension, extension, retraction

Multiple states of motion of elbow joint: external rotation, internal rotation

As shown in fig. 6-6:

Figure 6-6

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September 08, 2023