Badminton technology training, follow badminton world champion to learn backhand and improve skills

The complete process of playing ball on left usually includes:

Preparation for hitting ball (including basic grip of racket and structure of preparatory actions),

Hit ball,



Hold racket with your right hand at back, angle between large and small hand is about 115 degrees on left side of body. When ball is hit, lower limbs, waist, abdomen, arms and fingers are successively subjected to continuous and continuous wave-like rotation, and then large and small hands force wrists and fingers to brake in an emergency. Perpendicular to reticle Finally, shot is reset and Center of Gravity is adjusted, ready for next shot. As shown in fig. 5-0 (technical movements mentioned in article are taken as an example with right hand)

Figure 5-0. Preparing to shoot from left - hitting ball - brake - reset

1. The essence of pumping technique on left in midfield includes:

1) Palm down, angle between large and small hand is about 115 degrees on left side of body. Figure 5-1

Figure 5-1

2) When grabbing racket, tiger's mouth is empty, palm is empty, there is a gap between index and middle fingers, middle and ring fingers, and last two fingers wrap around end of racket to form base for slingshot. Figure 5-2

Figure 5-2

3) Both feet are in a walking state, knees are slightly bent, and center of gravity of body is slightly shifted to left to deflect incoming ball.

4) Aim shot at position shown in Figure 5-3.

Figure 5-3

5) The lower limbs, waist and abdomen, arms and fingers successively continuously and continuously hit ball with a wave-like rotation.

6) The palm changes from pointing down before hitting ball to facing up after hitting ball. Note: palm facing up here is mainly for beginners in mastering, that is, for general condition. As shown in fig. 5-4, this is best condition after hitting ball (for golfers with a certain foundation).

Figure 5-4. The best condition of fingers and palms after hitting ball

7) After hitting ball, place thumb close to wide surface of handle, first and second joints of index fingers to wide surface opposite thumb, and hold palm firmly. Figure 5-5

Figure 5-5

2. Formation and development of badminton skills

Theoretically, formation of sportsmanship in badminton occurs according to basic rules for formation of general sports skills, including stage of preliminary mastery of movements (standardization, stable structure of movements), stage of improvement and improvement (optimization of structure and strength of movement), stage of automation of movement skills (improvement technical details and striving for excellence) is a standardized, scientific, systematic and continuous training process.

For beginners in badminton, first thing to do is to make sure that technical moves they have mastered are correct. Non-standard technical moves are main reasons that limit golfers' technical progress and cause physical injury.

Standardized bolt design is key to smooth power delivery and consistent impact. In short, only when impact action is stable will ball be more stable and accurate, whether it be slow or fast. For example, when throwing basketball on spot or taking off, all movements before throw are very stable. Sports with this commonality include javelin throw and snooker. Figure 5-6

Figure 5-6

Here, Coach Xiong especially emphasizes that feel and experience of grip should be same as with a stable structure, and a standardized and reasonable basic grip should be formed as soon as possible so that structure and strength are relatively stable and coordinated, and you can better understand power of fingers. “Sometimes moves that look same, but balls played are very different. The reason is that you can't use your fingers to apply force." Therefore, Coach Xiong believes that highest level of technique is to learn how to use fingers flexibly to play ball, and feeling and experience of fingers on handle of racket is endless. The richer feeling, more precise and delicate technology will be.

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September 08, 2023