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The complete highball process on right usually includes:

Preparation for hitting ball (including basic grip of racket and structure of preparatory actions),

Hit ball,



Firstly, lower limb kicks cause rotation of hip and waist, then shoulder drives forearm, forearm drives racket rotation, and finally grip and rotation (internal rotation) of palm. and fingers. Thus, four types of rotational forces of body, forearm, palm and racket are superimposed on each other, forming a rotational force that hits ball, similar to wave laying. Thus, force of hitting ball with joint efforts is large, and speed is high. (As an example, all of following technical actions are performed with right hand). Figure 2-0

Figure 2-0. Preparing highball on right - hitting - braking - reset process

1. The basics of highball technique on right:

Note. The special grip method mentioned in previous section is standard grip method on right.

1) Prepare sideways, extend both arms, raise left arm, angle between shoulder and forearm of right arm is about 115 degrees, and left and right arms are at shoulder level.

2) Prepare for a side impact by turning palm and impact surface towards face.

3) When holding racket, palm is empty, tiger's mouth is empty, there is a gap between index and middle fingers, middle and ring fingers, and last two fingers wrap around end of handle to form base of slingshot.

4) When preparing for action, racket and arm form a vertical line, do not fall back. Figure 2-1

Figure 2-1. Gaoyuan racket preparation structure on right

5) The lower limbs push off and rotate, driving hip and waist, and then shoulder and forearm rotate outward to drive racket. Figure 2-2

Figure 2-2. High ball movement with right foot

6) When hitting ball, internal rotation of forearm rotates palm and surface of racket, and at same time, fingers are compressed to apply force, forming a wave-like rotational force. hitting ball together. Figure 2-3

Figure 2-3. The action of kicking a tall ball from right

7) After hitting ball, bend thumb to press middle finger and bend index finger like a rope close to thumb; hold palm firmly with all your might and use emergency brakes to create strong action and reaction. Figure 2-4

Figure 2-4. Braking after hitting ball

The process of highball on right can be briefly summarized as follows:Cut tiger (setup), slap fly (hit ball), hit tiger and fly at same time (keep up with current situation). situation) is language of national treasure.

2. The importance of swing structure on right

In addition to mastering a standardized and reasonable grip, you also need to create a strong swing structure to stabilize your swing path and pinpoint best timing for your right hand. Not only technology of high ball on right, but other striking skills must also have elements of backswing design. The swing structure is similar to our playform. For regular golfers, main homework is to imitate. First, shape may be similar. If there is no form, it will not be "god".

1) The basic condition for a good game is a standardized kicking pattern, including 90 degrees, 115 degrees and side kicks. The angle between shoulder and body is 90 degrees, and main elements of its action make entire swing look stretched and build up force needed to hit ball; angle between shoulder and forearm is 115 degrees, and its foundation action is not absolute, usually between 115-120 degrees is best. If included angle between big and small arms is too small, force space and forward swing will also be reduced, which will also affect your power at hitting ball. The above principles are similar to our archery. If angle is too small, it looks like bow is not fully drawn. Only when bow is fully drawn can arrow shoot far. Coach Xiong said: Your body posture and movement structure not only affects your balance, but also determines movement, rhythm, and strength of your swing. Figure 2-5

Figure 2-5 Shortbow and longbow architecture

2) With regards to side kicks, we are talking about different techniques and different positions to hit, so side kicks are also different, but no matter what, side kicks should follow "when hand hits ball in a spinning whip, hand spins The direction of whip is consistent with direction of whipping." If direction is consistent, then movements will become coordinated, and force and speed will be transferred in a superimposed manner, otherwise there will be a confrontation, and force and speed will cancel each other, resulting in injuries to body or joints over time. The racquet side angle size is usually 45 degrees (the inside angle between racquet side and net surface). Figure 2-6

Figure 2-6. Forearm, palm facing face

Many of our golfers play with their palms out, so racquet's reflective surface also faces out of bounds, so playing against the joints doesn't contribute to your strength, but it also reduces your stealth. Figure 2-7

Fig. 2-7. Wrong architecture - palm out

3) The impact surface is too early. It is also common for golfers to hit ball while playing. This method increases wind resistance of swing. Can you compare it, is it a quick face to face swing? Or is it a quick side shot? According to golfers, speed of hitting ball with side racket spin method has increased by 15% compared to its previous one. Therefore, we use side shot method to avoid wind resistance, turning speed will be higher, and impact force will increase as speed increases. This is a key action.

3. Next, let's take a closer look at using fingers for highball on right.

1) When thumb, index and middle fingers are brought together, use of rotational force and clasp of ring and little fingers at bottom of handle form a strong and stable base of slingshot.

2) The thumb and forefinger control angle and direction of rotation of racquet surface, which is key to controlling the strike line, radian, and precise landing point. Figure 2-8

Figure 2-8 State of holding racket with each finger

3) After hitting ball, bend your thumb to press it against your middle finger, fasten your index finger and press it against your thumb, hold your palm as hard as you can and brake in an emergency to create kickback. Figure 2-9

Fig. 2-9. The condition of fingers during and after hitting ball

4) Finally, racquet grip is reset - fingers return to their original racquet grip position. Figure 2-10

Figure 2-10. Capture and return to starting position

4. Stability is a basic requirement for structure of ball preparation action. Generally speaking, more stable impact action, more precise point of impact of ball will be. For example, archery, javelin throwing, basketball shooting, etc., whether athlete's lower limbs move or not, movement of upper limbs before shooting must be very stable. Conversely, if structure is unstable, it is like a ship rocking in sea. The strong ripple of sea water can cause ship to capsize if you are not careful. The same is true for badminton, whether you apply force or not, a stable construction is basis for accurate lines of impact and landing points. Thus, a reasonable structure of movement is first step, followed by consolidation of movement, and then experience of applying force, so that movement and force can be integrated.


advantage of Bear's high and long right hand technique is that it is based on athletic anatomy and interprets rationality of body structure. It optimizes traditional forehand and overhand to give you total freedom of action. to rotational force of each joint of body. I believe that public will have a new understanding of badminton technology after understanding and learning bear style highball technique. I also hope that bear style badminton technique will make more and more players Benefit community golfers.

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September 09, 2023