Tell in one sentence what is bear badminton?

Bear badminton

Bear Badminton was founded by Mr. Xiong Guobao, a former badminton world champion. Mr. Xiong Guobao combined more than 20 years of badminton teaching experience with his own 20 years of sports experience, researched and analyzed advanced technology of many world champions and summarized them. A set of badminton technology training system has been developed.

The technical characteristics of bear badminton: scientific and standardized, simple and stable, fast and efficient.

1. Philosophy of teaching:

Coach Xiong Guobao's mission is "Returning professional technology in badminton to society." It combines 20 years of professional athlete's career and 20 years of professional coaching experience in skills, training and other aspects to study sports skills and skills of professional athletes. movements . Sum it up to 80%-90% unity, that is, skills and movements of highest level players have very similar characteristics, and another 10%-15% are personality traits with individual characteristics.

Coach Xiong Guobao from a number of batting action structures has 6 basic action structures and relationship between them. Communication has been generalized and unified, which will greatly help golfers to better understand and understand badminton stroke technique. , as well as training and formation of blows technique in badminton.

Take tall ball on right as an example. The figure below shows a schematic diagram of a traditional swing [1] and starting point of bear technique is mainly in position 6-7, which saves a lot of time. original additional swing.

The difference and connection between traditional way of hitting ball from a high position on right and bear badminton

The difference and relationship between traditional backhand throw and bear badminton

Bear style badminton retains necessary links to hit ball, simplifies swing path, shortens swing distance, is easier to grasp and grasp, and hitting ball is more stable.

Second, teaching style

It is a good choice to bring to life and visualize badminton technical moves, and it is a good choice to help everyone know and understand principles, meanings and characteristics of badminton technical moves. Xiong Guobao discovered in his regular training and interactions with golfers that there are many similarities between badminton shooting techniques and some industrial or other sports activities that everyone is familiar with in everyday life. Of course, "any metaphor is lame", but you can also "wake you up in a dream with one word." From this, he created several "divine" metaphors for technical movements of badminton to help students and public better understand technical fundamentals. For example, “watching clock” is preparatory action of hand before backhand, that is, face of racket and back of hand are facing face. This is first internal rotation, which is very similar to action of looking at clock in our life. For example, "1 o'clock" means that best strike point of a backhand is at 1 o'clock (on opposite side), and it is at a certain angle to body, neither too close nor too far.

Third, representative technical points

High ball on left:

Take racket with back of hand, empty palm, sunken mouth, empty fingers, right foot in front, kick ball from side, angle between large and small hands in front of chest is about 115 degrees, elbow joint is parallel to shoulder, first lower limbs are bent to straighten up When ball falls a certain height above right shoulder, use forearm and wrist to control rotation of racket Finally, grip and rotation of palm and fingers form a gradual wave-like rotation Best shot The point of ball is at 1 o'clock position, and sound of hitting ball is synchronized with sound of a foot hitting ground.

1. Capture

Empty palm, empty mouth of tiger, empty fingers

The surface of batting racket is parallel to body, at an angle of 135 degrees to ground. The thumb is located on smallest rib, and remaining four fingers are on opposite wide surface. There are gaps between them. flute-like fingers.

Picture 1. Capture

2. Snapshot - look at clock

At same time you turn, you must complete racket preparation. The shoulder is parallel to shoulder, upper arm and forearm are about 115 degrees, wrist and forearm are parallel to ground, back of hand and striking surface of racket are facing you, and wrist is extended.

Picture 2. Capture

3. Hit ball from side

The forearm and wrist drive racquet into rotation, while grip and rotation of palm and fingers form a forward undulating rotation as ball is struck. The sound of hitting ball is synchronized with sound of footsteps. The best point of impact at (facing wall clock) is about an hour.

4. Finish shooting "Press pin"

At moment of hitting ball, grasp racket handle, brake hard, straighten your shoulder and forearm, and point your eyes and racket head towards ball.


1. Badminton Education/Ulrich Fischer, compiled by Wang Yue, Beijing Sports University Press, 2005.1 ISBN 7-81100-220-5

September 09, 2023