Badminton Animation Demonstration: Just learn these few fighting skills and your game will improve to a higher level

If you want to play badminton well, you must first learn basic moves and then learn some basic skills commonly used on court. a lot of. If you master a few small skills and use them skillfully, you are already a master!

So, editor has briefly summed up most commonly used actions and skills on badminton court for everyone, I hope this will be useful to you!

As shown in picture below, tall and long ball on right is usually more commonly used in women's singles, but rarely seen in men's singles and doubles. Choose according to your strength. Even in men's singles, you can't go very well, and it can be served that way too!

As shown in image below, I tend to use left feed most of time. Whether it's a singles or doubles game, a high serve in backcourt or a small one in front of net, I always use this way of serving!

As shown in picture below, high ball is in backcourt on right (basic action), high ball is basis of all balls, main process is to turn around - dribble - highest point - instant power!

As shown in image below, diagonal hook in front of net is a surprisingly winning technique that requires wrist strength to turn! It is divided into a diagonal hook on right and a diagonal hook on left!

As shown in picture below, mashing ball in front of net is a way to change ball from passive to active, deliberately trying to attack opponent with a high ball!

As shown in picture below, hitting ball technique, this technique pays attention to fast speed, and racket must not touch net!

As shown in picture below, frontal strike skill is a very deceptive skill that can also be turned into an active attack in a passive situation!

As shown in picture below, jumping and killing technique is mainly about mastering ball's landing point. Take off when badminton landing point is at highest point and kick is most powerful!

As shown in picture below, right hand technique is a technique that absorbs opponent's physical strength!

As shown in the picture below, for a backhand, turn around, swing your racquet, and instantly apply force.

As shown in picture below, it's hard to learn how to catch a smash and throw diagonally without a defined base. To learn this, you must first have accurate judgment. Practice catching smash first. This is impossible. hook diagonal and I think this is hardest skill currently!

Learn above movements and skills well, first imprint them in your mind, and then integrate them into your own movements through practice, and soon you will become a master!

Add to favorites, it will be more useful for your practice! If you share it, more people will master badminton skills and fall in love with it! Those who followed me dominated local court in less than half a year!

Disclaimer: The image material is taken from Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact editor, thanks!

September 10, 2023