Badminton from zero to entry, all you need is this article

Badminton is one of most popular sports in China. It is also best exercise program for parents and children. Many parents also hope that they will be able to play with their children on court, develop their relationships, promote their children's growth, improve their physical coordination, strengthen their physique and grow up happy. Today's article will tell you how to master badminton correctly and quickly.

Hold the racket first

Proper grip on racket has a huge impact on hitting ball: control of orientation of surface of racket, effect of bending fingers, degree of contact between body and racket, etc. everything is determined by grip, so grab it correctly, grip is very important .

The main grip is thumb and forefinger, other three fingers are auxiliary. The position of thumb and forefinger is correct, other three fingers hold racket correctly.

Download again

The backcourt swing is a basic technique that every beginner should master properly. It can help children to exercise power on field correctly and smoothly, improve speed of shots, explosive power, accuracy, and maintain consistency and stealth of action.

At the same time, proper swing movement can also reduce and avoid injury. When we first learn it, we need to break it down and practice first, that is, practice split swing first and then practice coherent swing.

Practice selection

Rebounding is a technique that looks simple but is actually difficult to play well. This is a technique for picking up ball from opponent's goal into backcourt. The best effect is picking up ball high and far Yes, teenagers or beginners can practice hitting skills by picking ball when they are enlightened.

Learn to Serve

After learning kir-ball, next step is to throw a high and long right hand. The methods of applying power in these two techniques are very similar, so learning this will not be difficult.

And in game of badminton, competition of any ball begins with serve. A good serve can passively trap an opponent, create conditions for scoring, and even directly score.

Heavy steps

After learning basic techniques, there are a few basic steps to learn. When teaching badminton, pay attention to three-point and seven-point pace, which complement each other and are inseparable from techniques.

The first step we need to learn is three steps on both sides of front net and a retreat on both sides of backcourt. For beginners and beginners, this is usually three steps. After learning these two steps, combine them and naturally you will be running at a full four-point pace.

Heavy steps

Stepping straight forward and backward is last thing we have to learn, and at same time it will be more difficult because we have to adjust frequency and rhythm of steps according to our own height and fitness.

September 10, 2023