Do you know 12 fixed lanes for badminton balls?

Some badminton players like to improve during games, believing they can improve faster in real combat. In fact, such thinking is not entirely correct, it is a process of groping and research. You will find that some returning balls may only have perfect results after a few experiments. This type of ball return is probably used in badminton. If you practice and master these ball return techniques first, then you can use them in real combat and you will improve faster.

Badminton coaches also use routine training, practice frequently used balls many times until you become proficient with them, and then in a real fight you can apply conditioned reflexes. Today I will introduce you to these fixed ball lanes. A lot of practice will definitely improve your strength (It is recommended that two people work together to kill two birds with one stone).

Straight throw and straight forehead Straight throw for one person, straight throw for one person, several rounds of practice. Right hand and right hand (straight) Select from behind head and pass from behind head (direct) Straight and diagonal throws One person throws in a straight line, other diagonally, and constantly trains. The difference from previous workout is that this workout is hanging diagonally to increase difficulty of returning ball. Hanging diagonal on right Diagonal suspension above head Diagonal cross and straight cross One person crosses diagonally, other hangs straight and trains constantly. Pay attention to changing line of return ball. Choose a diagonal line, hang a straight line in front Diagonal Throw and Diagonal Throw One person chooses a diagonal throw, another a diagonal throw, practice repeatedly. Increase difficulty of both sides at same time. Diagonal right Diagonal head Straight high ball and straight hit One person chooses a straight high ball, one person kills a straight line and practice many times. Pay attention to break ball and push as straight as possible. Kill a straight line High ball in a straight line and strike diagonally One person picks a high ball in a straight line, one person kills a diagonal line and practices many times. Pay attention to kill ball as much as possible to kill diagonal line, and line needs to be changed. Kill diagonal Diagonal High Ball and Killing Straight Line One person choose diagonal high ball, one person kill straight line, practice many times. Pay attention to break ball and push as straight as possible. (diagonal) straight line with high ball overhead (diagonal) high ball forehand, straight line Diagonal high ball and killing diagonal line One person choose diagonal high ball, one person kill diagonal or slanted line, practice many times. Kill Diagonal Right (Lin Gaoqiu, Li Kill Diagonal) Kill diagonally overhead (Li Gaoqiu, Lin kill diagonally) Direct hit into net After a direct hit, rub ball against net or push backcourt straight or diagonally. Kill net and push backcourt in a straight line Diagonal kick into net After diagonal kick, hook net diagonally or push diagonal line. After diagonal hit, press slash on grid Ball rubbing in front of net Ball rubbing is an advanced technology. For specific skills, please refer to previous guide. High and long ball It is recommended to control a high and long ball on half court.

Above are a few fixed trajectories of ball in badminton, summarized as follows:

Direct rebounds, crosses, smashes and nets; diagonal rebounds, crosses, smashes and nets; chafing and high balls.

These fixed moves are widely used in real combat and I hope you practice as much as possible.

September 15, 2023