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1. Racket selection method

If you can't lift ball with your racket, then your "Tian Yu" level is low. Raise ball with your hands and "lower frame". Use racket to lift ball, handsome boy and beautiful girl!

Professor Xiao Jie believes that grabbing ball is mainly done not with forearm and wrist, but with fingers.

The feeling of friction against ball is feeling when you pick it up.

Picture 01-1 Picking up ball with fingers of right hand

Picture 01-2 Lift ball with fingers of your right hand

Picture 01-3 Lift ball with fingers of your right hand

Picture 01-4 Lifting ball with the left fingers

Picture 01-5 Left Finger Pickup

Image 01-6. Rubbing ball is a method of picking up ball

Second, high ball throw method

You hit ball on opponent's court, score! The other side returns it to you along with beat. At this time, do you take it with your hands or with a bat? Of course, with a beat!

As shown in Figure 02-1, use method of throwing a tall ball facing forward

Picture 02-2 Using a backhand to catch a high ball

Third, rotate bottle using "8" method to exercise strength

Everyone knows you can practice whatever you want, backhand and righthand!

Picture 03-1 Spinning bottle to apply force

Picture 03-2 Rotate bottle in 8 ways

Picture 03-3 Flipping bottle in 8 ways

After spinning bottle, lift bottle into air. In any case, this is your "toy".

Picture 03-4 Air bottle capture method

Picture 03-5 Air bottle capture method (Is this a demonstration of Wang Xin, world champion "caught"?)

The fourth method of turning racket "8"

Pro teams don't see rhythm, and elementary students also get an "8", probably because they switch grips right and left.

Picture 04-1 Racket Round 8 Method

Image 04-2. Racket turn method 8

5. Wall-facing rocking method

Xiao Jie and Zhao Jianhua said that in 1990, "National Sports Commission" talked about it. It seems that wall-facing method is still a very standardized method of practice? This is said to help you raise point of impact and lock face of strike (hitting ball forward). You can imagine that there is a wall in front of you, it is best to train against wall. If face is not straight, it will hit wall.

Picture 05-1 Swing method to face wall

Picture 05-2 Wall-facing rocking method

Six, a quick flick of wrist

This is Professor Xiao personally brandishing racket.

Picture 06. Wrist flap method.

Seven, wrist bandage method

The wrist is on forearm, not just wrist.

After wrist exercise, put your forearm on and rock together. Continue 15-20 times.

Picture 07. Wrist strap method

Eight, ball feel method

This is Team Bayi training. These are Wang Xin's coaches and sisters. Jumping with ball and hitting wall is all about looking for feel of ball in your hand.

Picture 08. Ball juggling

Nine, ball feels wall

This is also a training session for Bayi team. If you hit wall of your house, will your neighbors hit?

Picture 09-1 Way of hitting ball against wall

This is another massive coaching activity.

Picture 09-2 How to hit ball against wall

10. Dumbbell exercises

You determine size of dumbbells yourself.

Depicting 10-1 Dumbbell Strength Training Method

Depicted with 10-2 Dumbbell Strength Training Method

Picture 10-3. Dumbbell Training Method

Picture 10-4. Weight training method with dumbbells

Eleven ways to throw with empty hands

It's a pity to throw it away, forget it, let children play.

Picture 11. Empty-handed throwing method

Twelve, Rope Whip Strength Method

This is real Wang Xin. She was so "young" at time that she even said "sorry" herself.

Coach Chen said: You must listen to sound, sound must be above your head, at point of impact.

It's hard to shake whip at home! ! !

With whip force method shown in Figure 12

Thirteen, sitting line method

The floor is low, how to swing a racket? In 1990, State Committee for Sports told you. Sit, play line...

Picture 13 Seat wiring method (thread too thin, invisible, unclear)

Fourteen waving a tennis racket

This is a lecture by IOC member Li Lingwei! Look, her students are holding tennis rackets.

Showing 14 brandishing a tennis racket

Fifteen, change your grip

Li Zaifu always pays attention to "serious and serious" attitude to training, and today he also sat down.

Picture 15 to change capture method

Sixteen, squat method

For those who want to arrange a "big event" at home, you can also try, not recommended.

Picture 16. Squat Method

Seventeen, left and right jump method

For those who want to arrange a "big event" at home, you can also try, not recommended.

In photo 17, they crouch and jump on left and right

Eighteen, skillful exercise

This is a series of tutorials, Qiaofali is not an advertisement. In fact, I also know these things, where to buy equipment, I'm looking for it myself, I don't advertise it.

Picture 18-1. Skillful exercise method

Picture 18-2. Skillful exercise method

Picture 18-3. Skillful exercise method

Picture 18-4. Skillful exercise method

Golfers are still asking for this picture and text!

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Badminton is fun for everyone!

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September 15, 2023