Animation demonstration: all-court badminton footwork, learn these six, enough to understand, worth collecting and learning

There is a saying in badminton: "Seven points of footwork and three points of technique"!

This means that if you want to play badminton well, become a master and beat different opponents, you must have good pace. Pace is key to playing good badminton and becoming a master!

Steps in badminton, roughly speaking, are nothing more than movements forward, backward, left and right, one type of movement forward, one type of movement back, one type of movement to left and one type of movement to right. plus difference between right and left movements, there are six types of steps in total. , so as long as you learn these six moves, it's enough to take on any opponent. The following animation demonstrates:

First step: surf step on right. This step is a step forward. First of all, before starting there should be a small jump to increase smoothness of step forward. Since this is surfing on right, center of gravity at moment of launch. The left leg should be tight and then right leg should come out. The last step is most important. It requires a large step, also called a lunge.

Second kind of pace: surf pace on left, this pace is also a forward pace, and difference from pace on right is that after first starting step is completed, forward momentum, center of gravity on right foot, right foot Use strength, move your left foot forward, and last step is to step forward with your right foot, and then hit ball. Pay attention to direction of toe of the right foot, which points obliquely forward!

Third step: step back forward, after starting step, center of gravity is on left foot, left foot exerts force, right foot moves back, and then crosses step, left and right legs cross each other and back, last shot, left and right Step your feet forward and backward, which helps in power conversion!

Fourth step: backhand step back, after starting step, turn sideways, turn step with right foot, and then step back, at this time body is turned over, but try not to turn head, you need to follow Way of ball, final swing!

Fifth step: Grab step on right, whether it's opponent's strike, strike or charge, this step must be used. In early stage, you need to bend your knees, protect preparatory posture, and then start step and start with left foot, step with right foot outward, last step according to opponent's return distance, body bends and leans forward, knee should not go beyond toe, pay attention on returning to position after hitting ball!

Sixth gait: backhand catch gait is same as right catch gait, in a defensive preparatory position, after starting step, start with left foot, turn right foot outward, essence of left catch gait is speed of turning Fast, turn around , without turning your head, and quickly return to your place after hitting ball!

These are six most commonly used steps in badminton: forward, backward, left, right, right, left, if you can learn these six steps and grasp their essence, which foot should be applied first, which leg should move first of all, how to move, let these movements be integrated into their own movements, enough to become a master, enough to master any opponent!

So, in these steps, which leg needs center of gravity, which leg should apply force first, and which leg should move, do you memorize them all? If you can't learn it in a while, why don't you put it together quickly and learn it slowly!

September 15, 2023