Quick start in badminton


▵Prepare before training, otherwise it is easy to get injured


▵Develop correct, flexible gripping techniques (right and left)

Strongly fix the "fist grip" and "fly swatter grip"


▵Each technique requires practice with multiple balls to strengthen the technique



▵Backcourt skills should also master high and long shots before practicing flat golf, crosses and shots

And pay attention to process of retreat, first you need to raise your elbow to side

This is only way you can use all your limited powers to play moment

There is also a need for a reverse action, like a whiplash


▵Be sure to loosen your grip before hitting the ball, otherwise you will not be able to show strength


Instead, you need to practice hanging ball first - tie ball with a rope right at height of palms you are clapping

Then repeat highball in place several times until you feel a certain feeling


From multiple balls to one ball. When moving, you should touch ground with soles of your feet, not soles of your feet

Because playing badminton is a process of constant movement

In addition, after hitting ball, you usually have to return to center position, which requires kicking forefoot and stepping forward

Otherwise it will be too late to combine techniques


▵Pay attention to lightness and delicacy when playing in frontcourt

Especially when rubbing ball, ball rotates over net by rotating handle with your fingers

Picking and pushing can only be done with finger and wrist strength

It depends on their explosive power, so you can't rely on swinging your arms

If ball is out of place, it won't break out


▵When you need to prepare for a strike, you should first lower your center of gravity and bend your lower limbs a little


▵Be sure to watch movement of opponent's hand when receiving serve

During game, watch direction of opponent's flying ball. In short, try to judge in advance


▵The point of impact of ball in backcourt should also be well chosen

When playing highballs and lobs, they should be slightly forward just above shoulder on same side as hand holding clap

Shooting ball should be more difficult


▵When receiving ball from backcourt, you must also grab corner of racket

For example, you need to press forward when you kill ball and you need to lean back when you hit ball

In same way as for throwing a long ball, you also need to tilt your face back. At moment of hitting ball, arm rotates from external to internal rotation, and the wrist from extension to flexion


▵In addition to technique exercises, step exercises are essential from start to finish


▵We also need to alternate some special quality exercises


▵Pay attention to rules (especially when submitting)

September 16, 2023