Basic schemes for physical education - badminton

Badminton is an indoor sport in which a long-handled racket is used to hit net with a hemispherical cork with a circle of feathers at flat end. According to number of participants, it can be divided into singles and doubles. An appropriate number of badminton sessions can effectively promote growth and development of adolescents and improve their physical functions.

In this issue, we present you with badminton training schemes, pay attention to them!

Badminton Equipment

Badminton Technology

Front grip

Left hand grip

High ball on right

To right to level golf ball

Front feed right

Front serve left

Reception Pose

Right Shot

Pass right


Rubbing ball

Hit from above right

High ball left

Right corner kick


Right Shot

Block ball in front of net

Selection technique

Quick Hitting Technique

Right Net Shot

Pure front friction

Pass right

Movement steps in badminton

Walking Internet

Cross-Cross Plus Pedal Step for Clean Footwork

Backcrossing, kicking and stepping on net

Jumping and Surfing Footwork

Step back forward

Step back overhead

Left Two Step Footwork

Three step retreat step on left

Step Right

Step right and forward

Step left

Pedal pitch left

Step left and step forward

Right and left leg takeoff

Direct sequential footwork from backcourt to frontcourt

From backcourt to frontcourt, continuous footwork

Coherent footwork in a straight line from front to back

Continuous back and forth slash footwork

Continuous back and forth slash footwork

September 17, 2023