Classic badminton training, if you practice every move well, you will get an all-round improvement! (gather)

I don't know how many years this has been taught, but after reading it, I found it to be very practical. For beginning badminton players, every move in it can be practiced according to its method and then integrated into your swing. It is very helpful for you to integrate it into your consciousness. You will get a comprehensive improvement after watching this classic training exercise. Let's study together!

High ball in a straight line, half court practice is sufficient. Hit ball not too high, but it should be far away. The goal is to work on power of swing and hold on height. After hitting ball, return to position and then hit ball. , return!

Straight tall ball, try to hit ball as high and far as possible, let ball land on sideline of backcourt as shown in animation picture, return to position after hitting ball, then back to hit ball, then return back to starting position, goal is to practice power of swing on passive spins!

The purpose of diagonal flat golf ball is to train swing strength, grip and angle control. You also need to practice according to animation method and you need to go back and forth!

Diagonal high ball. The goal is to exercise power of swing, grab and control corner, when you are passive you need to get back to center of field and hit ball back!

Hanging in a straight line from back court, use your wrist and finger strength to hang ball in front of net, control your wrist and finger strength, control height of badminton as it goes over net, you need to get back to midfield and back ball!

Hanging diagonally in backcourt, using wrist and finger strength to hang ball obliquely in front of net, control wrist and finger strength, and control badminton height as ball flies. Precise corner control requires getting back to midfield and hitting ball back!

After you have hung net, after you have sent ball into backcourt, run in front of net to release net, and then back before you hung net, practice continuity of pace and ball control skills!

Shoot in a straight line in backcourt, start with a standing kick, then jump with one foot, then jump with both feet, step by step, learn step by step, you need to get back to midfield and kick ball back!

Backcourt diagonal hits and diagonal ball hits, in addition to strength training, also allow you to control angle when hitting the ball fast!

After shooting at net, after you have killed ball in backcourt, return front net to release net, and then step back to break ball, effectively training your fluency and ball control!

Rubbing, relying on twist of wrist and using finger strength to allow badminton to go over net, is an effective scoring technique in front of net and trains your wrist and finger power control!

Diagonal right hook, fake skills in front of net, control of wrist and finger strength, and angle control!

The left hook is also a very deceptive technique in front of net. It trains wrist and finger strength control as well as left hand angle control!

Sweep and sweep combination, commonly used goal scoring techniques in front of net, sweep and sweep combo, right and left punch, right pick and left hook combo, train your ability to predict, react and control ball!

Pushing from right, practicing attack and defense combination skills in middle and front courts, pushing ball to sideline of backcourt, training swing strength and badminton height control very well, you need to return to center field and hit back!

Pushing from left, practice frontcourt combination attack and defense, pushing ball from left to backcourt touchline, train your backhand a lot to capture power of swing, control height of badminton, you need to return to midfield position and retreat!

Positioning drills here essentially refer to practice of initial steps, multiple serve, multiple starts, multiple retreats, multiple restarts, let initial steps integrate into your initial steps!

Step forward and step back, this type of exercise does not need a ball, hold a racket, move quickly forward and backward, train your physical strength, and train your step fluency!

Diagonal surf and step back, that is, step diagonally forward and backward diagonally, step forward, step back and step to hit ball, train your physical strength, and also train fluency of your steps!

The catching and batting phase refers to tempo of catching and batting ball with a forehand and tempo of catching and batting ball with a backhand, which can train your defensive ability, catching and killing ability, and reaction. ability!

Straight ball at pace of entire court, place badminton in center of field, and then run fast, place badminton in four corners of court, practice at your own pace, and let you quickly adapt to opponent's rhythm. and hanging fight!

Square ball, whole court pace team, one person randomly points to a corner on opposite side of court, and then quickly moves forward or backward, moves left or right, pace, physical strength, speed, awareness, reaction, all-round exercise !

Every movement of classical learning is demonstrated. Although tutorial is a little dated, it is definitely a very good and practical tutorial. When you practice a movement ten times, you begin to learn it. When you practice a movement a hundred times When you practice a movement a thousand times, it will become your subconscious movement and you will become a master!

Such a good learning material, don't rush to collect it and learn slowly. Finally, thanks to golfers for watching!

September 18, 2023