Badminton beginners, learning these three skills will make you a master in less than six months!

Many people want to play badminton but don't know how to play badminton. Seeing how others play on court, they are very jealous, but they cannot even catch ball on court. Badminton training, after watching so many badminton training, still in a fog, do not know where to start, which skills are important, which skills are not important, difficult training is a big headache, and I want to quit before I become a master!

Actually, I want to learn how to play badminton. It's very simple. Don't look at so many complicated teachings. It will only scare newbies. Don't think about ball. Beginners should use simplest skills to get rich slowly, it is impossible to become a master right away!

Beginners in badminton only need to master these three skills:

First of all: high ball!

High and long-range strike is basis of all throws. If high and long throw is well played, it will gradually develop into a breaking and tossing shot. Only when you have foundation and feel can you learn new strokes. So play high and long shot well. This is first step for beginners!

The high and long ball is simple and comfortable. This is easiest way to get into court, but if you want to land every shot close to the backcourt line without going out of bounds, you need some skill. Basic steps: as follows:

  1. Look for a landing point (choose a landing point, go up about 45 degrees at your eye level, and incoming ball should not exceed your head, which is best landing point)
  2. Sideways (body turned sideways at an angle of about 30 degrees)
  3. Racquet insertion (racquet presentation means that racket is pressed against your back. The hand holding racket is next to your head. If distance is too far, you will not be able to strike. It is better to arch your body)
  4. Power transfer (body in an arc, you can transfer power from waist to arms, then to shoulder and forearm, and finally to wrist)
  5. Instant hit (this is very important, at moment of contact between racket and ball you need to apply force quickly, you can’t hit ball softly, wrist must immediately make an effort to hit ball)< /li>

Practice slowly according to these five steps, not backwards, and there are key points to keep in mind. A tall and long ball is basis of foundation. Don't practice just for a few days and stop exercising. Only by fully transferring strength of body, only by fully mastering skill of applying force can one truly learn to hit a high and long ball, and hitting a high and long ball well is only beginning of becoming a master!

Second: start stepping!

The starting step is a connection of a forward, backward, left and right connected movement. The step plays a very important role in badminton, and starting step is basic connection of all steps, and it is also most important!

Can you jump rope? The jump is very fast, feet are only slightly off ground, starting step is similar to this small jump, and also very similar to boxing pace. Use small jumps to move yourself. If ball is close, you can still hit it without standing still, but you you still have to move it. Even if you move a centimeter or two centimeters, it will be very useful for your future steps!

When golfer's return ball is far away from you, adjust your position slightly as if you were jumping rope, and then use a wide step on last step. It's fast and saves energy, so you should keep this method in mind!

Third: come back!

After you've played with tall, long balls for a while and learned how to start, it's time to up difficulty and start getting back on court!

Return means that after hitting ball, no matter where you are, you must move to a position in center of field. In first practice you can start with half court and it is also basically a high ball. high ball back Ball, then start step, then quickly return to position, golfer will return high ball to you, you start again, then back, then hit ball, then to start step, and finally return to position!

Practice this several times, process is very tiring, and once your speed can't keep up with you, it will be difficult for you to hit ball or catch ball with difficulty, but it will be difficult to return a quality high ball to your opponent. It is much more difficult than practicing high and long range shots on spot in backcourt. If you can keep up with rhythm at halftime, practice all over court!

The goal of working out position from behind is to ensure that opponent's return ball does not fall into your hands, but into forward-backward, left-right pass.

These are three skills that a beginner needs to master in beginning. You only need to practice these three skills. If you practice in this way, basic skills will be very solid. You will become a master in less than half a year and you will no longer have to envy others!

The methods of three skills must be remembered, order cannot be confused, step by step, start slowly, save it first, and then experience essence by practicing in future!

September 19, 2023