Badminton Technique and Tactics: Badminton animation training, actual footwork breakdown throughout court!

The footwork in badminton is very important. From start to move, then from impact, and finally to return.

Step back forward, step back

Cross-back: left leg crossed behind right leg

Catch rate on right is small and parallel

Pure midfield pace, pure cross-pitch

(Front Cross: Left foot in front of right foot)

Surf pace on right

Little back cross + big step

Clean right hand + return tempo

Focus on making return steps small

Right net + rear position + pure midfield pace

First right strike + return + step back right

Front Back + Diagonal Internet

Notice small steps when surfing diagonal line

Left tempo

When catching ball, when ball is far from body, take a step with right foot to left

Diagonal grid + fishing speed on left

Backhand to net + step back

A small cross forward plus a big step towards net, plus a small step back

Surf pace on left

A small initial step plus a big step towards going online

Speed ​​of chargeback

Hat with a slight transverse step back

Step back

Rotate and change pitch

Diagonal head back

Small steps first, plus turns and step changes

Great move

Great left and right gears

September 19, 2023