[Quick start in badminton] Lesson 4丨 How to play badminton well? Start with a warm up!

An important part before game is that everyone should be aware of need to warm up. Performing a badminton warm-up can not only improve your condition, but also prevent various badminton injuries. Today I will share with you scientific method of warming up in badminton.

Pre-game warm-up

Step 1. Stretch your muscles

Stretch slowly, avoid sudden exertion, and stretched muscles should not exert effort. The main muscles to stretch are: hamstring, inner thigh, calf, and upper arm.

Second Step: Rotate joints to release stiffness in each joint and reduce chance of injury to joint

Badminton basically requires use of following six joints: wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle. Each of above six joints rotate clockwise and counterclockwise one by one, and each joint takes 1 to 2 minutes. Then slowly do squats, as well as swinging arms and wrists in form of a figure eight.

Step 3. Jog for 5 to 10 minutes, gradually increasing your pace from slowest to medium

This is key to activating readiness of whole body for exercise. Increasing whole-body exercise can send a clear signal to brain, stimulating brain to issue instructions for setting up preparations for all parts of whole body to cope with increased exercise.

Step 4: Play badminton for 3-5 minutes at medium speed in air.

If you're a beginner and can't run full pace on court or don't have enough room for that pace, use a simple left and right crossed step instead to run in a straight line. . This allows all parts of your body (especially corresponding joints and major muscle groups) to adapt to strength and power characteristics of badminton running.

Step 5. Get on court and practice with ball for 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing intensity

It's best to start with a small ball in front of net, then a frontcourt tie, and finally a pair from Gaoyuan to pull and kill. The function is same as above, but steps are more complex.

The whole warm-up time is about half an hour, warm-up without ball is about 20 minutes, and warm-up with ball is about 10 minutes.

How to warm up before a game

Of course, for many golfers, articles without how-to recommendations are meaningless. This point was also thought out by sports bacteria. The following set of animations will teach you how to warm up properly!

1. The body is relaxed, and a slight tension is felt in muscles, tendons and ligaments;

2. Each movement lasts 30 seconds, and each group is separated by 15-30 seconds;


2Shoulder single-link rear shock

3Shoulder Stretch

4Side Stretch

5Body rotation

6Movement in knee joint

7Standing Quadriceps Stretch

8Ankle movement

9Stretching Lunges

10Lower Body Open Stretch

11Foot Lajin

12Separate coverage

It takes ten to fifteen minutes to complete entire set of movements. Practicing badminton after warming up is effective in reducing sports injuries.

So, if you want to play badminton well, you have to warm up well~

September 22, 2023