"Badminton Cheats" badminton fighting training, most practical and not fancy

Basic combat footwork in badminton. You can follow animation to try your workout at home or on court. Smart footwork saves more than just a little physical strength!

First, combat training on battlefield

Simultaneous step (left foot step first) + step (two steps, right half square, surfing web)

Cross step (left foot first) + step (two steps, left half square, surfing web)

2. Practice in midfield

Starting step + right step (right half area)

Cross step forward (left half)

3. Practice in backcourt

Simultaneous step + step (two steps, right half square, back)

Cross step (turn sideways, step right foot forward) + cross step

(Jump to left foot behind, right foot forward) (two steps, overhead area, back)

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September 23, 2023