Slow motion demonstration of various badminton skills and cheats in real combat, very practical for golf lovers.

1. Intersection of diagonal lines in center and backcourt

2. Mark corners in front of net

Right in front of the grid hooked diagonally

Hook on right in front of net is diagonal (the high point of midfield blocks diagonal)

Left hook in front of grid

Hook left before grid:

Another left hook before mesh

Left hook in front of grid

Re-mark opposite corners

3. Changing straight and slanted lines

During game, Neville tried to use center attack method so that Wang Shixian couldn't change angle. However, Wang Shixian used fake forehands to get more and used techniques such as straight net, which made Neville's rhythm even more chaotic.

Neville hits middle

Cut and hang a straight line

Straight mesh

Cut and hang a straight line, then slide a slanted line

The beating is so soft but also has a hanging effect:

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September 23, 2023