Analysis of most complete dynamic diagram of main technical details of game of badminton.

Front Rubbing

Rubbing with back of hand

Rubbing back of hand, close-up of wrist

Front rubbing, back rubbing, alternative practice

Right Hook

Left Hook

Push Right

Straight push with left hand

Push ball in a straight line with your left hand, instant close-up

Left push and left rub, difference and practice

High ball on right, peak ball on left, alternative practice

High ball on left

Catching on right

Left hand throw

Backhand throw and backhand rubbing, alternative practice

Mesh with low manual release

Lower hand places hook diagonally

Hooking under net with lower hand on right and left

Right and left punch

Choose a ball


Right rubbing and percussion, alternative practice

Forehand rubbing and overhand strikes, an alternative practice

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September 25, 2023