The slow motion shows classic badminton footwork, concise and crisp.

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Badminton, seven-point pace and three-point approach, pace is very important

Watched a lot of tutorial videos and posts

I feel like there aren't many moments and I can figure it out very quickly

But when it comes to actual combat, that's half battle

Why is that?


There are many tempo details that are impossible to notice while playing

The pace of whole game is uncomplicated. For example, for technical moves like Gaoyuan ball, if you know a few key tempo points, you can basically master it. But precisely because of simplicity of pace, we do not pay attention to practice at normal times and cannot perform well in competitions.

What we think is right often contains loopholes. Sometimes, while watching others play, right foot unconsciously drags left foot. When I reminded them, they said no, my right foot is always in front!

The reason for this is that we don't train enough and we don't have good muscle memory. During intense competitions, I always kept to my most comfortable position, which resulted in constantly repeating incorrect postures without realizing it.


Slow start leads to slow pace

The reason for slow pace is mainly due to low starting speed, because we do not have enough strength to push off ground. How to judge this moment? You can find a golfer with best pace and compare your starting speed to them to see if you hit ground with your foot or if you don't have enough power to hit the ground.

It is especially important to kick ground when ball hits net or from side. If force of push is not enough and it is impossible to raise starting speed, it is easy to fall into a passive position. So it's not just that you know pace.


Speed ​​is a reflection of fitness

Since technical moves are known and executed correctly, speed is slow, why? Because your physical form is not as good as others. If you can't even run 1,000 meters, how can you compare your speed to someone who can run 10,000 meters without getting out of breath? Especially in singles competition, intensity is relatively high, and I found that after playing for a while, I found myself unable to run. No matter how good a technique is, it cannot defeat others.

So to avoid being "beaten" on court, it's best to train more off court!

The editor believes that While there is no super physical confrontation in badminton like in basketball and football, physical fitness training is also compelling and especially important.

Now do you know why these professional badminton players practice so often? You think you know tempo technique, but there is actually a lot more to do.

September 25, 2023