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The seven-day vacation is here again. If you don't want to travel, you can invite some good friends to play badminton together. It's a good choice. Go bold, make an appointment with good friends and have a good time on court! In order for you to play better, we have specially prepared a game guide for you.

1. Ball skills

Some friends may not have seen each other for a year or even several years. It's great to be able to show off your golfing skills in front of your friends. Without further ado, let's catch up right away~~

1. Station

After hitting ball, player must immediately return to a position close to center of court, instead of standing at point of hit.

2. Grab and swing

The grip of racquet should be relaxed, hold racquet for a moment when you hit ball, because only when you are relaxed can you use force to hit ball, otherwise if you hold racquet tightly all time, you definitely won't be able to use power of your wrist. At moment of hitting ball, hold racket firmly and hit ball hard.

3. Point of impact

Each time you hit ball, hit ball as high as you can, try to be on top or in front of top of your head. Hitting ball with a higher point is more useful than hitting it with a lower point Haha, everyone may have experienced it, but it is very difficult to hit highest point of a person every time, because habit is difficult to change, but it is really very effective .

4. Get into habit of turning sideways

In particular, ball in backcourt should be turned sideways, this allows you to retreat faster, find point of impact better, and can use strength of upper waist and abdomen, which can make power fuller and more threatening.

5. Get in habit of holding your racket in front of net

Before net, you should always think about taking opportunity to block net, and if you are used to raising your racket in front of net, opponent will not dare to easily make a move in front of net.

6. Memorize 4 badminton leg moves

(1) Parallel

Basic steps: Spread your legs, lift your heels slightly and bend your legs naturally.

(2) Cross step

Basic steps: cross your legs, first move your left foot, move your right foot to heel of your left foot, and then move your left foot.

(3) step

Basic Actions: While moving, if you find yourself missing a step before you can catch ball, you can step with your right foot.

(4) Pedal pitch

Basic steps: left foot behind, take a small step first, push off with your left foot and step with your right foot

7. High and far ball power

This is key to quality of high and long balls. After turning to side, first press right leg to ground and relax left. With exception of light pressure on shoulder muscles and right psoas muscle, other parts of body such as abdomen, back, arms and hands relaxed. After force of kick on ground is transferred to abdomen, force of right foot also decreases. If foot is still applying force when hitting ball, it is wrong to apply force. The pressure on lower back and stomach after pushing off ground must be completely transferred to hands through rotation and hitting ball.

2. Venue

Which badminton hall should I go to play? Sure, it's a big air-conditioned stadium! But in fact, very few arenas are air-conditioned. Therefore, it is best to choose a relatively cool sports hall, as a rule, cool general education sports halls (school, city, working recreation centers, etc.). The hottest badminton halls with iron roofs.

Play times tend to avoid high temperatures during day. Best time to play: 6-10 am, 18:00-23:00. Don't play badminton at 12 noon, it's a roast pig.

However, during golf holidays, there are more pedestrians. I find venue to be a big issue and some venues may not be able to book a seat. We all hope that we will have a comfortable seat in badminton hall.

▲Badminton on my mind

However, we will not be able to order a trial. But none of this can stop our enthusiasm for playing badminton. Badminton courts are everywhere!

▲Playing badminton in park

▲Playing by sea (the sea is dangerous, don't imitate)

▲Aunt and uncle are wonderful

3. Security

When playing badminton, most important thing is safety. Safety first, don't let yourself get hurt. So warm up well before playing. If you haven't played in a long time, don't play too hard, otherwise your muscles will hurt during holidays, which will prevent you from gathering with relatives and friends. After playing badminton, relaxing muscles is also important to reduce muscle soreness.

Fourth standalone article

What if you don't have friends to play badminton with you, but you really want to play badminton?

1. Wall exercise

2. Practice juggling in living room

Using a right or left grip to hit ball continuously without letting ball land, to improve ability to control direction of racket surface. When practicing, more times better, strength from light to heavy, and height from low to high. To control direction of racket and trajectory of rise of ball, try to hit ball on spot. During training, you can first use one type of racquet grip, and then gradually move on to alternately using right and left grip movements.

3. Train your wrist

(1) Bottle Workout

The bottle practice method allows you to train wrist strength as well as finger strength. It is more convenient to train without claps.

▲Practice left wrist rotation and strength

▲Practice horoscope wrist flexibility

(2) Training method with racket and without ball

Racquet handling is a very important and effective training method in badminton, mainly to develop racket feel; in addition to practicing hitting action, you can also become more familiar with wind resistance of racquet and other sensations of racquet.

▲ Demonstration of training flexibility of wrist by changing the pace

Finally, I hope everyone had a good holiday, ate well, drank well and slept well, and don't forget to invite your friends to play ball and play sports when you have time~

September 25, 2023