Nanny Level Tutorial: Basic Improvement Strategies for Badminton Lovers

Courageous climb to pinnacle of badminton success Courageous climb to pinnacle of badminton success

I wrote this book for several reasons. First, I can describe, demonstrate and analyze my own methods of playing and teaching badminton. This book is suitable for players of all levels, suitable for professional training courses run by high schools, universities, clubs, some recreational training courses, as well as for players who are completely self-taught. This is a step by step guide written specifically for learning badminton.

This book is also suitable for those who already have badminton experience. This book will help you analyze your game and make necessary corrections. This book is all about basics and strategies to help you analyze your progress in badminton. This book will also help you learn new techniques and evaluate techniques you have learned so you can improve your current level.

When you move up a level, you must read, ask questions, observe carefully, imitate higher-level players, and most importantly, practice hard. This book reveals secret to success. In addition, you need talent, a desire to win and strong-willed qualities. I hope this step by step process will help you achieve and enjoy your goals.

There are 11 steps in this book, from basic techniques to simulating a race. This book contains over 100 tips to help you improve your technique, train more efficiently and track your progress. You can follow book's recommendations to increase or decrease difficulty of exercises, and change pace to suit your ability level. The book also provides typical problems players may encounter when learning badminton, as well as suggestions for solving these problems. These suggestions can be used in training or competition.

These 11 steps follow a set of learning sequences that I have learned over my long playing and teaching career. Each step prepares way for next, bringing you one step closer to highest level you are capable of. It starts with a grip and footwork, then a serve, and then an overhead right and backhand. These basic techniques provide a foundation for later learning more advanced punching techniques such as punches and punches, punches, flat punches, and more advanced overhead punches such as overhead punches. Step 9 begins scoring strategy and discusses first major change in badminton rules in 150 years. Step 10 and Step 11 are about pairing skills and fitness, respectively.

I hope this book takes badminton to next level in world. Badminton is a great sport for all ages that can accompany you throughout your life. It's a great workout and a lot of fun.As one of Olympic sports, badminton is extremely popular all over world and undoubtedly has a great future.

Ready to start your advanced journey? This book will help you become a more advanced badminton player. You can't get to top quickly, you can only climb one step at a time. After completing any of 11 steps, you can easily move on to next step. The first few steps are foundation to understand basic tricks and techniques. By learning basics, you will be able to learn all factors you need to be successful in badminton. You will learn how to combine right shot with tactics of game, and you will also be able to instinctively make right decisions in all game situations. As you get closer to top, learning process will become easier and you will gain confidence in your badminton skills, which will surely improve further, making game much more enjoyable.

In order to better prepare for advanced stage, you should familiarize yourself with contents of this section and following section "Movement in Badminton" to get general direction and know how to organize exercises around these steps.

Do following.

1. Read explanatory content included with each step, importance of step, and key information about how to complete step, such as core skills, concepts, tactics, or a combination of these.

2. Study illustrations to determine exact position of body for successful execution of each basic technique.

3. Review errors and write down common errors and fixes.

4. Do exercises. Improve your technique with targeted repetitive exercises. Read each instruction and write down your result. Exercises should be arranged from easy to hard to help you make steady progress. According to your actual situation, you can adjust (increase or decrease) difficulty of exercises. There are hints next to practice sections so you can refer to them when you get stuck in exercises.

At end of each step, have a qualified observer such as a teacher, coach, or learning partner evaluate your basic skills and techniques. This qualitative assessment of underlying technique or form is important because using correct form will improve your performance.

Now you can start your step-by-step journey. You will hone your badminton skills, gain confidence, experience thrill of success and have fun.

September 26, 2023