Can you really swing? A few badminton bags will teach you how to swing

Disclaimer: The article is transferable from Badminton Xiaobaoji, original author of Bao Yixin, thanks!

Hi everyone, I'm Yixin. Summer holidays have started and kids have plenty of time to have fun playing. Today I will teach you four steps of swing.

Many friends ignore importance of backswing in badminton. In fact, if backswing is well practiced, it can play a key role in improving technique.

The first step is to frame racket, making a 90 degree angle on both sides. Pay special attention to right grip - this is position for right hand. No!

Don't make a fist with your left hand, otherwise it will look weird, just relax as usual.

Then turn to side. After turning to side, notice standing in a T-step. The left foot rushes forward, and right foot rushes 90 degrees, forming a T-step.

The second step is to turn around, face forward and keep your hips, shoulders and legs forward. The most important point is elbow joint, closer to head better.

For beginners, wrist should not be pointed inward, ball is difficult to play, and it is also difficult to grasp surface of racket.

It is recommended to turn your wrist slightly outward because if you strike upwards, it will be smoother. I hope everyone pays attention~

About Epay action, I also want to tell principle. Once racquet is in place, there must be a lead racquet so that ball can be hit farthest or apply most force when played.

The third step is to play ball. It should be straight ahead of you, not higher or lower.

The fourth step is to stop throw. After playing ball, lower your arms and return to a relaxed state. Do not apply force after hitting ball, otherwise movement will be very stiff.

Okay, that's end of today's tutorial, I hope everyone can get something, see you next time~

September 26, 2023