Teach everyone how to use discarded drink bottles and glass beads in real life to make badminton

Playing badminton is one of types of leisure and recreation for many office workers and students. It not only requires a lot of energy, but also requires certain skills. The feathers will be damaged and you will have to buy new ones after many.

1. Materials:

Empty drink bottle

Two sets of fruit nets

Elastic band

Glass ball

2. Method/Step

1. An empty drink bottle without a top

2. Use scissors to cut out bottleneck, cut into 8 pieces and cut each piece into a petal of the same size

3. Put foam mesh on outside of bottle and secure it with a rubber band

4. Take a foam mesh, wrap a glass ball, plug neck of the bottle with it and expose about 1 cm.

5. Wrap half a ping-pong ball around neck of bottle, cut four sides into antennae, cover neck of bottle and fix with an elastic band, so badminton is ready;

This type of badminton is more durable than badminton you bought, but you should pay attention to control strength of slap, safety is most important thing.

September 27, 2023