Pictures and texts, animation demonstration, right and left kick skills in badminton, a detailed explanation of main actions

1. Right hand throw in badminton:

Know action: According to opponent's serve or return to net, react early, hit ball slightly flat or down, apply force quickly and hit ball. unexpectedly called for a rush.

Points of Action: Stand on net with your right foot, lean forward on right side of your body, hold racket over your right shoulder and use wrist strength from stretch. back to lean forward when hitting ball, drive racket down to hit ball. If ball is closer to top of net, “push” ball from front right to left with your wrist.

Image 01-1 P84:

Picture 01-2 Forehand P85-1:

Detailed explanation: The main purpose of ball in front of net is to surprise opponent before they can return, defend and score, and break opponent's rhythm.

Kicking Requirements: The point of impact must be approximately ten centimeters above net.

Picture 01-3 Forehand P85-2:

●Practice with me:

Picture 01-4 Right Shot:

Picture 01-5 Right Shot:

For more detailed illustrations, see pages 84-85 of Zhang Xi's book Learning to Play Badminton.

Second backhand to catch ball:

● Know movement: when an opponent serves or returns front ball, once ball reaches top of net, it quickly hits net and dives down.

Basic principles: step right foot forward to left and jump towards net, lean body forward on right side, grab racket backhand and lift it over left front, when hitting ball, straighten forearm and turn push it outward by guiding your wrist From inside out, press your thumb to speed up swing and catch ball If ball is close to top of net, you can extend your wrist and pull ball from left to right so as not to hit net. The racket is in front of body.

Picture 02-1 P86:

Picture 02-2 Backhand P87-1:

Detailed explanation: The wrist is key to power control, strike distance is short, movement is small, and explosive power is strong, so lunge will have a certain threat. If ball is closer to top of net, use "gliding" method of hitting ball and use your wrist to hit ball from right to left to avoid fouls when racquet touches net.

Picture 02-3 Backhand P87-2:

●Practice with me:

Picture 02-4 Backhand:

Picture 02-5 Backhand:

For more detailed illustrations, see pages 86-87 of Zhang Xi's book "Learning to Play Badminton"!

September 27, 2023