Badminton game often ends like this, learn 5 points to play better and longer

Badminton is a very good sport suitable for all ages. Playing badminton allows not only to train body, but also to get acquainted with a group of friends who share common interests. People who often play badminton will eventually become like that.

Playing badminton often brings 5 ​​major changes in body

1. The memory will get stronger and stronger

Prolonged stress and a sedentary lifestyle impair our memory. Playing badminton often helps us calm our emotions and let go of ourselves, which helps improve memory, especially in older people. Playing badminton can also make our thinking more flexible.

2. Pimples will become less and less

When you sit in office for a long time, not paying attention to body, meridians are tight, and there will be small pimples all over body, if you continue to play badminton, then there will be much less pimples.

3. Muscles will get stronger

Life is irregular, so muscles of whole body are rigid, but not elastic, and there is no strength. After playing badminton, muscle strength increases, legs, feet, muscles and bones are strengthened, and joints are also flexible.

4. Body shape will become more beautiful

The body of people who often play badminton is very proportionate, because badminton requires various movements, such as running, jumping, lying on back, sideways, etc., which can well exercise muscles of whole body and all parts body. the body looks more symmetrical. Of course, there are also many people who have played badminton for a long time and are still fat, which has a lot to do with their diet.

5. The brain will clear up

Stay in front of computer, stay at home to read books, write articles, brain will be unclear, play badminton and take fresh air outside, thinking activity of brain will become clear and flexible, which will obviously eliminate brain fatigue and improve Research and practice .

Learn 5 points well to progress faster in badminton.

1. Capture

Mastering correct grip technique is first step to a good badminton game. Whether it's a front grip or a back grip, fingers should be relaxed.

Right grip: Don't hold racket too hard, but try to relax your fingers. Hold on tight only when applying force.

Left grip: Except for different grip angles, grip strength and method of force application are same as above.

Based on proper grip and wrist flexibility, you can make your ball faster and more stable. Based on this, only by strengthening or weakening strength of fingers, we can play with different balls.

2. Don't underestimate applause without delay

When you play ball, besides holding hand that claps your hands, what is function of other hand? Is it used to play cool? NO, NO... turn around, follow swing to build waist and stomach strength.

3. Preparing to hit ball

The action of preparing to hit ball is divided into posture of receiving serve and action of preparing to hit ball after the serve.

Give a receiving pose: left foot in front, right behind;

Preparatory action after serving: stand with both feet parallel, right foot slightly forward, more than half of sole of left foot, heels of both feet slightly raised.

4. Footwork

Badminton footwork mainly includes net footwork, midfield footwork and backcourt footwork. For friends who hold racket in front, most of them start with right foot and finish with right foot.

Web footwork (right first, then left)

High ball footwork on left (first on left and then on right)

5. Hit ball

Dealing high and long-range strikes is a very important technique in badminton tactics, especially in singles. Repeated use of high and long range strikes can make it easier for opponent to attack.

Standards for swinging a racquet when hitting a tall ball: Before you hit ball, first turn sideways with your right foot behind you and your right foot as an anchor point. When swinging racquet, elbow should be used as pivot and shoulder makes forearm turn. It mainly depends on speed of forearm turning, strength of wrist and fingers to hit ball, and of course power to turn the waist.

September 28, 2023