A Comprehensive and Detailed Explanation: Badminton Serve, How to Perfectly Serve a High Ball on Right, Small Ball on Right

When reviewing professional competitions, we look at men's singles competition with approval (the physical demands are too high and many difficult moves cannot be learned), while professional women's singles competitions are simulated and studied. See, in For comparison, technique and tactics of professional women's singles are more suitable for vast majority of amateurs.

Imitate and learn from professional women's singles skaters, start with serve first, righthand serve in professional women's singles can deal with most opponents because amateur opponents have relatively weak attacking ability in backcourt and are relatively less dangerous, but if to blindly imitate a backhand serve in professional men's singles, it is easy to push from left and court becomes passive.

When amateur golfers serve ball into backcourt with a forehand, it is easy to serve ball into half court, which gives opponent a very convenient way to attack. Obviously, this is a manifestation of insufficient technical skill. The tall ball should look like picture below: it falls vertically in bottom row, preventing opponent from attacking effectively.

Let's learn how to throw perfect right hand (high right hand and short right hand)!

High ball right: The ball is kicked high and far and finally lands close to opponent's backline, but cannot go out of bounds.

(1) Technical Basics

1. The position must be close to center line, approximately 1 meter from front service line

2. Your shoulders are shoulder-width apart and you're standing in a "D" shape with your left shoulder facing net (you can't look at net, which will easily reveal your intent to throw various kicks). )

3. Clapping hands should be at the waist, not too high and not too low

4. The movement should be smooth, swing, turn, hit ball, follow swing in one swing, feel feeling of throwing ball

Side effect

Positive action

5. Shifting center of gravity: when racket is mounted, center of gravity is on back foot, when racket is rotated, center of gravity shifts forward, when ball is hit, center of gravity is transferred to the front foot

6. After serving ball, racket should be waved to opposite shoulder of body

7. Whether it's a tall ball to right or a ball in front of net, force is transferred from shoulder to act on forearm and wrist

The whole set of actions

(2) Ability to serve high and long balls high and far:

2. The swing of racquet must be longer so that full power of swing can be used. Pay attention to swing speed and use wrist force;

3. Racquet surface problem at moment of hitting ball. If ball is high, but not far, this proves that racket is too far back and ball easily flies out of playing area.

4. When ball is not far enough, there should be a throwing action, that is, when hitting ball, center of gravity of body and rackets will move forward with direction of ball, and try to send ball forward as far as possible, which will make serve further ;

5. Position. When serve is not in place, you can stand a little forward so that ball is further than original, when serve easily goes out of bounds, move back a little.

(3) Serve a high and long ball. Note:

1. When hitting ball, you can slightly lift heel, which is useful for applying force. Pay attention to angle of hand and the rhythm

2. Look directly at opponent, not at the floor or point of impact

4. Lack of attention to subsequent movements, resulting in insufficient strength and difficulty in getting ball into place

Short Serve Right:

(1) Action Basics: The action of serving a short ball is basically same as that of serving a tall ball, but there is no need to turn too far to right when dribbling. arch of forearm is smaller, and extension of wrist is also smaller.

Because this is ball in front of net, flight distance of ball is shortest, so there is no need to use a lot of explosive force at moment of hitting ball, but to use a controlled force. racket touches ball, it can be clipped from right to left. For ball, control radian and landing point of ball flying over net. You don't need to swing it over your left shoulder as you move forward. You can brake after hitting ball and simply retract it in front of your chest .Movement should be soft and not too abrupt.

(2) Common mistakes when throwing a short right hand:

(1) If you hold racquet too tightly, you will have a hard time controlling power and damping, and ball will easily end up too high due to force.

(2) When hitting a ball with a racquet, instead of clipping ball from right to left, it hits ball holder like a tall ball and swings up to hit ball, after which it often flies up.

(3) Illegal moves where point of impact extends beyond waist and overhead fouls where upper edge of racquet body extends beyond wrist are subject to correction.

Using Feints: Master Movement and Power Control!

1) After opponent gets used to receiving high ball, perform service action by serving high ball. When you see out of corner of your eye that your opponent is ready to step back, you can instantly control speed of your swing and move to front of net. Hold on here Strength is key;

2) When your opponent is used to receiving ball in front of net, serve. When you see from corner of your eye that an opponent is preparing to catch ball, you instantly accelerate swing, and at same time use strength of your wrist to intercept serve. In field, opponent is caught by surprise, and demands on wrist are relatively high. Badminton

The action of serving to backcourt, but desire to hit front of goal, resulted in forfeiture of power, and serve was too high

How to practice:

① For beginners, you can practice standard high and long/short throwing moves at home: dribble, swing racket, apply force, and close racket. So you can get twice result with half effort when you practice to lock in movement and then practice with ball.

②It is best to practice with ball in arena. For high and long shots, beginners often do not have a strong sense of position of service line and go out of bounds easily, so they must carefully understand relationship between ball and bottom line, it is necessary to understand control of height of net , too high or too low, it's not good.

September 28, 2023