Badminton Ability Structure Analysis and Path to Breakthrough Bottleneck Breakthrough Method Among Amateur Players 1–6

Nakaiu's method for overcoming bottlenecks from level 1 to 6 amateur golfers (no matter how high it is, it is already powerless~)

Nakayu Level 1 - After watching a full solo match. Find a gym and experience what it's like to play on a mesh covered surface.

Nakayu Level 2 - Find a coach/find a tutorial video from scratch, learn basic right and left tackles, and how to hit ball.

Zhongyu Level 3. Tall and long ball: Try to swing racket like a child (only rely on weight of your arm to swing racket), see how far you can hit, and then suddenly catch power by finding right feeling. Tennis ball: try to reach out with your arms to score net or pick up ball, do not cringe in front of your chest, do not stretch your legs, do not lean forward and do not lose your center of gravity.

Nakayu Level 4—— Looking for a circle of friends, training and fighting, actually fighting a lot. Let your friends record videos, watch your own gestures and poses, and watch other people's gestures and poses. Practice footwork and corner kicks on both sides of push.

Nakayu Level 5—— Practice finger acceleration and increase ball speed. Try to count your shots late (mimicking passive possession of ball) by pausing and hitting ball quickly. The backhand highball and forehead are trained separately.

Nakaiu Level 6 - Boost your strength training, start stepping and coherence, and get rid of passive exercise. Watch timing of your opponent's shots and develop a sense of anticipation. Practice ultimate fall of each technique.

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September 29, 2023