Twelve separate steps, each step is practiced step by step, which is a synthesis of the badminton steps.

When playing badminton, if you want to become a master, you need to train your legs. The so-called "seven-point footwork and three-point technique", footwork is 70%, which also shows importance of footwork!

The depth of footwork is inseparable from various steps such as starting steps, walking steps, stepping steps, crossing steps, parallel steps, etc. If we want to master these steps well, we must learn steps gradually. Once you practice your steps well, your steps will become consistent, your footwork will improve and you will become a badminton master!

Share your twelve self-guided steps today, train hard, you will definitely make your legs shine, move fast and not so easy to get injured in game on court!

The first step: starting step, starting step is very important as connection of all moving steps. starting step is your subconscious action!

Second step: split jumping backwards, various steps to side, forward and backward, all of which are inseparable from help of split jumping backwards to help you adjust your body balance and optimal position!

Third step: fast running in place, this is a warm-up exercise before start, it is very good for your start, whether you are attacking or defending, you can quickly prepare!

Fourth step: cross forward and backward fast run and cross step left and right, you can get effective exercise!

Fifth step: running with legs up, steps forward and long strides can all be effectively trained!

Sixth step: Spread your legs left and right and twist your ankle, which is an effective exercise for lateral, left and right agile steps. Look how happy this girl is dancing!

Seventh step: lunges, jumping forward and backward, step forward, step back, all necessary exercises!

Eighth step: trap step on right, step-step-step forward big step, step-step-trap on right, movement steps to be learned in front area!

Ninth Step: Step-Step, Step-Step, for ball's trajectory in front of net and in center of court, whether it's catching, rubbing, hooking or picking, you can use this step, practice more!

Tenth step: catch step to left, shift step in backhand area, move sideways!

Eleventh step: sprint plus net step, whether offensive or defensive, forward sprint step can be used to defend and attack, and back and side step is also a defensive and attack step. exercise for pace of audience forward and backward speed!

Twelfth step: running back and forth in a single row, upgrading catch step on right and catch step on left, will greatly help speed of movement and continuity of left and right positions throughout court!

Twelve separate steps, each step is practiced step by step, which is a synthesis of badminton steps. Save them and practice one by one. Practice each step well, and this will be beginning of your becoming a master!

September 29, 2023