Pictures and texts, animation demonstration: badminton forehand and lefthand skills, a detailed explanation of main actions

1. Right hook in front of net:

● Understanding action: to hook ball in front of net, which means hitting ball in front of net diagonally towards opponent with a wrist flexion action. high speed of ball in front of net and sloping flight of ball, combined with friction and pushing of ball, create effect of rocking and mobilizing opponent so that opponent's defense is prone to loopholes, creating attacking or scoring opportunities for their own side.

Basic principles of operation: According to trajectory of falling ball and landing point, quickly move to appropriate position to strike, face net sideways, with center of gravity on right foot, extend forearm forward. Rotate your wrist slightly and slightly Pull back and relax naturally When hitting ball, forearm rotates inwards, causing wrist to bend and surface of racquet to tilt in direction of impact to strike ball towards the diagonal front area of ​​the opponent. net.

Picture 01-1 Front hook P72:

Picture 01-2 Front hook P73-1:

Picture 01-3 Front hook P73-2:

●Practice with me:

Picture 01-4 Right Hook:

Image 01-5. Right hook:

For more detailed illustrations, see pages 72-73 of Zhang Xi's book Learning to Play Badminton.

Second, mesh hook on left:

● Understanding action: The diagonal left hook is to use left hook method to return ball hit by opponent to left front of net with a backhand into opponent's left field. region.

●Basic steps:Use left surf footwork to move towards flying ball. The action before hitting ball is same as for a right hook. The forearm moves with footwork and is adapted to a left grip. Forearm up, wrist bent forward, back of hand at about same height as net, racket surface lower than top of grid and backhand is used.

Figure 02-1 Net hook left P74:

Picture 02-2 Net hook on left side P75-1:

Figure 02-3 Net hook left P75-2:

●Practice with me:

Image 02-4. Mesh hook on left:

Image 02-5. Mesh hook on left:

For more detailed illustrations, see pages 74-75 of Zhang Xi's book Learning to Play Badminton.

September 29, 2023