Practice without a ball, animation demonstration so you can learn basics of badminton at home!

If you can't find a badminton golfer, if your skills aren't good enough to dare to play, if you don't have time to go to court to play due to work, then you're in luck, you're reading this article, badminton Practice without a ball. You can practice without a ball partner. If you don't have time, you can also learn basics of badminton at home. Let's study together!

This is a right swing. When you're exercising at home, pay attention to your grip size and don't put too much pressure on your wrist. Usually right swing is based on swings and internal rotation. limited to single kills only, and you have to be careful not to press too hard on your wrist!

The movement of backhand, backhand, apart from strength of wrist, is more dependent on strength of fingers, especially interaction between thumb and forefinger!

If you don't have a racket or it's too light, use a water bottle to rock it!

Practice drawing horoscopes, take a bottle of mineral water to draw horoscopes in air, you can first turn ten times in correct order, and then turn back ten times!

When drawing horoscopes with a racket, when you are free, use racket often to draw horoscopes in air, effectively training wrist flexibility!

The racket can be rotated clockwise, counterclockwise, or crossed while drawing a circle!

Swing ball to right, lift racket up, racket should be high, and swing speed should be as fast as possible.

High ball action on left, raise your arm high, wrist strong, racket pointing forward, as fast as you can!

Smooth hitting ball from right, forefinger pushing forward, and height of racket is approximately equal to height of net!

Flat ball movement backhand, thumb forward!

Rebounding ball from right in front of net, footwork - big step and then a quick swing!

Moving with a backhand is also a step. The swing is relatively large, but it must be closed!

Anytime, anywhere, no ball, no racket, no partner, if you love badminton, if you want to improve your badminton skills, there is always a way to help you!

You who don't have time, who don't have a ball partner, you who don't dare to play, and you who want to improve your badminton skills, please save it and learn and practice slowly at home!

September 30, 2023