Badminton lessons: how to become a badminton master

According to suggestions of many golfers, today I will summarize how to train from not being able to play to a high level, what steps should be taken, how to practice, what each technique looks like, how one can practice in mine. You can find them all in official account. Here I will give only a brief introduction. There are hyperlinks behind each technology and it has detailed tutorials.

1. Racket Grip 【Getting Started】Proper Grip in Badminton

Grip is divided into forehand and backhand[forehand]


The right and left grips require long transitions from each other for faster and more natural transitions.

2. Swing in backcourt and hit tall ball correctly (original video)

The key to swing is internal rotation of wrist, so we must first familiarize ourselves with several wrist movements in order to more clearly understand what internal rotation is. [Wrist movement diagram]

[What is a swing?]

Remember that most important thing about backswings is to first drop your elbow as you pivot; this swing takes a lot of practice to get right form of movement, so don't be too eager for quick success.

3. Double shake with rope, slow motion (excellent)

Here we mean double swing. If you can't even jump rope, then you shouldn't play badminton because badminton focuses on coordination. If you don't practice this, you won't be able to complete next task.

Fourth. Backcourt tempo Active tempo on both sides of backcourt

① Passive steps forward, 4-point passive steps and rhythm back to center [Original teaching] 02

②Get and kill speed ↑

③Active forward tempo [Li Hongxuan's original badminton teachings] 03 Activate forward and backward two points to middle tempo


④ Backcourt Matched Pace [Li Hongxuan's Original Badminton Teaching] 05 Backcourt Matched Tempo and Rhythm

⑤ Go forward and connect backcourt tempo [Li Hongxuan's original badminton teachings] 04 Advance two points and take initiative to connect backcourt tempo

September 30, 2023