In badminton, not only losing points, but also exhausting yourself, work hard for 3 points to get closer to master

There are three main methods in badminton: technique, footwork and mental method. Of three basic techniques, footwork is simplest but also most important. Today editor will tell you about most important core of badminton footwork - getting back to center.

Even in professional arena, we often hear coaches reminding athletes, “Back to center! Back to center! Back to center." Let's go back to center. I think everyone has heard about it, but, unfortunately, many golfers still do not know how to do it.

1. Why do you want to return to center?

A typical missed shot is to stop, wait and see where opponent's ball is going, then run to hit ball. The consequence of this is that it is easy to run with ball, not only without scoring, but also exhausting yourself.

In simple terms, returning to middle is quickly returning to "middle" of field after a shot to prepare for next shot. The return to middle is actually a turning point in badminton tactics, which can help you prepare for next attack and be fully prepared to meet opponent's incoming ball. If you do not know how to make immediate moves, you will easily find your gaps and be attacked by enemy.

Secondly, a return to middle is not necessarily a return to center of field.

Return to center is not only a return to center of field, but also most suitable point of impact for next shot, which can be anywhere on field. Of course, in most singles cases, center is close to center of field.

The backhand in doubles is more specific. For example, in doubles, when our side is attacking from front to back, backcourt player's center is slightly in middle of backcourt, which is convenient for defending a backcourt. The frontcourt player's center is in middle of frontcourt, on badminton side. When quality of ball is high, player must move forward to cover front of straight net and prevent opponent from being hooked diagonally.

As a rule, center of doubles games for badminton should usually be filled according to position of opponent. For example, if we also select a high ball in backcourt, our side goes into a defensive position. If it is a ball from center backcourt line, then two people must only stand on left and right for defense, and stand in middle of left and right halves respectively; By killing side line, then other person must fill in and center of his movement will be outside center line, taking care of other half of area.

Since Huizhong is so important, how can we develop a good habit of Huizhong?

3. How to solve problem of not returning to center

1. Raise awareness of recovery

Many people like to look at flying ball with their eyes after hitting ball, which causes them to get lost on field and forget to hit ball. Therefore, after each shot, actively correct your steps and fundamentally return to center position.

2. Coordinate body balance

It's not that many friends don't know how to return to center, maybe because center of gravity is unbalanced, which limits speed of returning to center, which invisibly causes passivity.

When surfing net, make full use of kick with your right foot, when returning back, center of gravity of last step should be on right foot. The body moves backward.

3. Deliberate Practice

When practicing steps on court, use center of court as center point, use different steps to run, touch front, back, left and right sides of court, left front right front, left rear right back several points.

Do you remember, my friends? Remember to back to center, back to center and back to center as you play. Important things need to be emphasized 3 times. In beginning, you may often forget, remember to constantly remind yourself, I believe that you will develop a good habit of going back to high school.

October 01, 2023