How to teach yourself badminton?

Situation in arena:

First of all, you must have a hobby, and then following ten points are very important.

1. Before practice, you need to prepare for lesson, otherwise you can easily get injured

2. Develop correct, flexible (right and reverse) grip techniques, as well as decisively correct "fist grip" and "fly swatter grip"

3. Each technique requires practice with multiple balls to strengthen technique

5. The backcourt skills also need to master high and long ball, before practicing flat golf, hitting and hitting, and pay attention to retreat process, you must first raise your elbow to side so that you can use your limited body strength to play. At moment, there is also a need to have a reverse action, just like whipping with a whip

6. Before hitting ball, be sure to loosen your grip, otherwise you will not be able to show strength

7. When you first start practicing ball in backcourt, don't practice it in field (because you definitely won't be able to hit ball or a ball support), but first practice a hanging ball - a ball tied to your hand with a rope. Clap your hands to height of extension, and then practice high ball in place several times until you feel a certain sensation

8. Whether it's backcourt or frontcourt, you have to practice from on-site training to mobile training, from multiple balls to one ball. Badminton is a process of constant movement. And after playing ball, you usually have to return to center position, which requires a kick and step forward on soles of forefoot. Otherwise, if time drags on, it will be too late for combined technology

9. Pay attention to ease and delicacy when playing balls in frontcourt, especially when rubbing small balls, you rely on your fingers to turn handle to make ball spin over net. This is normal, it depends on their explosive power, so you can't rely on swinging your arms, so ball won't hit right place and you won't be able to explode.

10. When you need to prepare to catch ball, you should first lower your center of gravity and bend your lower limbs a little

11.When receiving serve, you need to pay attention to movement of opponent's hands.During game, you need to pay attention to direction of opponent's incoming ball.In short, try to judge in advance

12. The point of impact of backcourt ball must also be chosen correctly. When hitting high balls and crosses, it should be slightly forward of shoulder on same side as hand holding racket, and should be more forward for breaking ball

13. When catching ball in backcourt, you must also control angle of racket, such as pushing forward when hitting ball and leaning back when hitting a tall ball. Similarly, when tossing a high ball, it is also necessary to tilt face back. At time of game, arm rotates from external to internal rotation, and wrist from extension to flexion.

14. In addition to technique exercises, step exercises are necessary from beginning to end

15. Add some special quality exercises

16. Pay attention to rules (especially serve) Finally, based on this, gradually compete with Gao Duo to gain experience.

Finally, I wish newcomers could


If you're just going out into open and swinging a few rackets around to hit a flat ball, you don't need to learn it at all.

If you really want to study hard, read following points.

1. Buy best racket first. Throw away iron rackets that cost tens of dollars a pair, in such products you don’t even feel force of hitting ball, and it doesn’t take much time to do it - if force is greater, joint between shaft of racket and body of racket may be loosened, or string may be loosened, if it is torn, you can only throw it away. Beginners can go to a sporting goods store to buy a piece of aluminum carbon. I first used one hundred and one Kaisheng. In future, as technology improves or if you become rich, you will be able to buy more expensive ones. It is not recommended to buy online for beginners, hand feel is very important for beginners.

First echelon brands: Yonex (Yonex), Victor (Victor, also called Victory), Li Ning. Yonex is number one in world of badminton in Japan. Victory Taiwan has a factory in Nanjing. Li Ning also has a sub-brand: Kaisheng Kason. Li Ning was a monk in badminton halfway through. Founded in 1991, Kason has been mainland's number one for nation's youth. Li Ning started to develop badminton industry only in 2009. and purchased Cason. At 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chinese badminton team won 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals, all wearing Yonex clothing and equipment. At that time, Yonex was leader, Shengli also had a part of market, and Kaisheng was practically ousted.

Domestic goods of second echelon: Kason, Bony. In addition, there are some foreign brands such as Kawasaki Kawasaki, Willson, Kumpoo, Adibo, Sotx and Gosen made by Taiwanese badminton manufacturers. Mizuno, Taobao can also find Oliver, Eagle Eagle, Flex Freys, Head Hyde. While these brands are rare, they are all established badminton racquet manufacturers. However, most foreign brands are also made in places like Dongguan.

There are also some brands trying to make a name for themselves like Adidas and Double Happiness which are different brands in badminton world.

2. Find a few like-minded players. You cannot play badminton alone, you must find a partner and you need two people in singles. To level up, you need to have two or more teammates who can often play together and promote each other to improve. Second, find someone with a high level of badminton theory and standardized moves as a master, or seek advice from other courts who are good players. Three more to watch instructional videos, there are many free ones on Internet, such as Xiao Jie and Zhao Jianhua, Li Lingwei, Xiong Guobao and Li Mao. These are all achievements of Chinese team, and there is nothing to say either in theory or in a real fight.

Show interest, study hard and practice, and your level will naturally rise quickly.

Have fun.

October 01, 2023