Badminton cannot break strong balls, most of them due to wrong sequence of actions, six steps are indispensable.

If you can't kill an aggressive ball, most of time it's not due to a lack of power, but to an inability to use power properly. To disassemble complete breaking action in terms of strength, it can be divided into following six processes: ①Expand chest ②Raise abdomen ③Rotate elbows ④Inward rotation ⑤Pull in chest ⑥Pull in abdomen, six steps are needed!

1. Chest expansion: first step, fully extend chest band, in short, chest expansion is contraction of back muscles, pectoral muscles are expanded, and they are necessary for coordinated strength. In terms of movement, process of expanding chest is process of lifting shoulder and adducting scapula.

2. Stretch Abdomen: It is not enough to stretch chest band, you will also need an abdominal band, golfers without abdominal muscles, don't worry, truth is your abdominal muscles are hidden under fat, and they can be pulled out for use at critical moments.To straighten stomach, you need to straighten stomach and stretch abdominal muscles. After first two processes are completed, shooting process has just been completed!

Third, rotate your elbow: This is most crucial moment, Get ready, get ready to release band, Emphasize that this is last preparation, starting with swing Roughly speaking, this is a process from racquet to lead racquet. At this time, clapping hand is behind head, with palm obliquely backwards. At moment of release, it is necessary to turn elbow. When turning elbow, elbow should not be too close to front of body, nor too close to face, so that muscles remain tense and ready to work.

↑Right elbow ↑

4. Internal rotation: internal rotation is moment when potential energy is released. At this time, arm is extended and rapidly rotated forward and inward until back of hand touches face and wrist is in process of hitting ball. Back bent. Rotation of forearm and hip pushes elbow joint forward, and the center of gravity deviates back.

↑It is very important to deflect center of gravity back↑

5. Chest retraction. Now is time to retract elastic. This time coincides with internal rotation. Remember it's same time. At this time, shoulder blades are retracted, chest muscles contract, and back muscles expand.

↑Pay attention to breast movement↑

6. Abdominal retraction: is same as chest retraction. At this time, abdomen naturally flexes, back naturally arches, and the impact is completed.

↑Pay attention to movements of abdomen↑

Strength training. If you want to hit ball hard, strength training is essential.

① Flat Bench Press: The flat bench press is mainly aimed at retracting chest, improving elasticity of "band";

② Abdominal workout:

Exercising abdominal muscles is very simple. There are 25 abdominal crunches in a group, three groups in total. The purpose of training abdominal muscles is to improve elasticity of "rubber band", which plays an important role in tummy tuck process.

↑Standard pull-ups, note full extension of arms when lowering↑

③ Back Muscle Training: Upper back training mainly consists of rowing and pull-ups. While rowing and solid upward, pay attention to movement of scapula and feel it contract back caused by back muscles.

↑Watch contraction of scapula↑

Lower back in deadlift, goat generally straight, motion in deadlift should be standardized, head up, chest not down, feet slightly wider than shoulders, knees pointing in same direction as feet, and feet not more than eight. Not buttoned inside.

The goats endure training with equipment, and their movements are almost unmistakable.

October 01, 2023