Swinging badminton against wall is best training method for starting pace and swinging racquet!

Indonesia and Malaysia, two countries in Southeast Asia, use badminton as their national sport. Indonesia and Malaysia are also among top five traditional leaders in world of badminton. In Indonesia and Malaysia, badminton has always been used to draw exams against a wall. If players want to be in national team, it is imperative to hit ball against wall. If they pass test, they are asked to hit ball against wall. Badminton cannot land for five minutes. After five minutes , badminton head must be broken. If you put handstand on ground and stand up straight, you are qualified and eligible to enter national team!

You can see that importance of playing badminton against wall is very important. In Indonesia and Malaysia, both coaches and players believe that hitting wall is best way to teach badminton players how to start and swing. Nobody, although hitting wall in badminton can increase overall level of players, but aimless hitting ball indiscriminately is useless, and hitting wall also requires tricks and tricks. Today I will share with you badminton players Method of pumping against wall!

Firstly, way this player hits ball against wall is wrong, because when this player hits ball against wall, there is no small jump, that is, no starting step. For an exercise effect!

Lee Jae-bok from South Korea demonstrated how to hit wall with a ball. When you hit wall with ball, you must have a starting step. If you hit ball in this way, you create a feeling of starting in game. In badminton, starting step is at any time. You must have it at all times. Many golfers know this, but they always forget that starting awareness is not strong so just hitting ball against wall can increase your start awareness!

Li Zaifu demonstrates wrong way to swing racquet. When he hits ball against wall, he has a starting step, but he still needs to pay attention to how he swings racket. My body is too close, how can impact of ball have such power?

The correct way is to keep racket away from body and point of impact should be in front so you can put more effort into hitting ball and also have more time for fake moves!

Starting step + correct backswing, that's a full set of wall punches!

When you hit wall to a certain level, or when you can hit wall for five minutes or more, you can go ahead and practice. It can make you more sensitive in game!

When you can switch between forehand and backhand flexibly, and when ball doesn't land on wall for more than five minutes, you're taking a more advanced step. The goal of pumping ball will make you more cunning and unpredictable in game!

When you have mastered above methods of hitting ball, start hitting target and stick a piece of paper to wall, then alternate right and left hits to hit target. This way of hitting ball will let you have more accuracy in game!

It seems like just hitting a ball against a wall, but it's deep and deep. Mastering these skills will help you continually improve your game. racket Keep it step by step I do not believe that you will become No master!

October 01, 2023