badminton class | Three Ways to Teach You a Quick Start in Training

​Opportunity on court is fleeting, and whoever can take advantage of it at beginning can land a fatal blow on opponent. On contrary, you can only look at ball and sigh, and rhythm is firmly grasped by opponent. Here principle of so-called "three-point technique, seven-point footwork", no matter how delicate technique, without dexterous footwork of pioneer, it can only refuse to win.

Facing an opponent's attack on court requires concentration and precise judgment, but even more important is flexible footwork. Here are three tricks to practice lingboweiba on court.

hip lunge jump

Suggest 5 groups of 20-30 seconds per group

Keeping your shoulders as still as possible, rotate your hips while simultaneously rotating your ankles and toes in same direction as your hips.

Jumping hip lunges improve hip mobility and strengthen ankles.

bouncing jump

Suggest 5 groups of 20-30 seconds per group

The distance between feet is slightly wider than shoulders, and it is not necessary to be completely close together when closing, and toes must be on ground in order to quickly open and close.

Practice as an initial step can help you keep your balance, connect past and future, and move on to next step faster and more smoothly.

small steps

Suggest 5 groups of 20-30 seconds per group

The center of gravity is slightly lowered, back is slightly bent down, knees are bent forward, and, driven by front of thigh muscles, they tap ground with high frequency with their toes.

Exercises with small steps can increase ankle and knee protection, and at same time, as a way to adjust pace, we can react quickly when opponent hits ball.

Combination exercises for these three sets of movements can be done. If you can't reach that high speed at beginning, you can slow down rhythm accordingly, but don't take a break in middle, try to achieve standard training movements and training times.

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Some seemingly simple training methods are actually very effective training methods based on many years of sports experience. They can strengthen our core skills, improve our fitness, and make our steps more agile yet firm, and more agile yet firm. I believe that if you practice for a long time, your skills will definitely improve a lot.

October 02, 2023