3 small tips to quickly improve your badminton skills

3 small tips to quickly improve your badminton skills

The day before yesterday, a friend complained to me, "Due to a job change, now I can only play with low-level friends. As a training, I become a training partner, and my overall level has also become lower.

3 small tips to quickly improve your badminton skills

Why is this happening?

Actually, this situation is quite normal, and I believe that many friends also have a deep understanding.

I often play with people whose level is much lower than mine, I usually worry that opponent will not catch ball subconsciously, and I often play low-quality balls, or make some moves that I rarely do. For example, doppelgangers will also love tall balls, and ball will catch a little out of bounds, and so on. Over time, this affects your level. An obvious phenomenon: you start to become like a sparring partner or start teaching your opponent how to play.

The following 5 elements correspond to 2 elements. This means that you are using proprietary technology and must be vigilant.

1. A quick little confrontation turned into a chaotic ball;

2. A high-quality return ball becomes sent to opponent;

3. I'd rather sacrifice a good hit point than take two extra steps;

4. Return high ball to kill enemy at every turn

5. Serve becomes random and no longer chases landing point

In general, when you often play badminton with people whose level is obviously inferior to yours, you will become lethargic, stop chasing quality of ball, be unable to find your weaknesses, and be unable to find opportunities for improvement. In same way, for friends who want to quickly improve their golf skills, I would like to give you 3 small suggestions that will make your skills grow quickly.

1. Find more people who are better than you to challenge

Many high level players don't want to play with low level players. If there are high level players who want to play with you, cherish them. The best way to find a good player is to play in a group. Nowadays, many badminton exchange groups are divided into high, middle and low levels. For example, if you are in mid-level arena, if you win, you can go to high-level arena, and if you lose, you will fall to lower-level arena and rise up again.

3 small tips to quickly improve your badminton skills

2. Join different groups and play with people of different styles

If you always play with those few people, you will get used to opponent's game, and there will be a lack of thinking and subtle changes. If you want to improve quickly, you can find someone with a different play style so that improvement speed is very fast.

3 small tips to quickly improve your badminton skills

3. Do more specific technical exercises

Many friends have feeling that they go to arena to play every day, but always feel like they can't level up. The biggest reason is that you lack specific technical exercises. The main thing in game is to implement your tactics and get feedback, roughly speaking, this is a technical practice, you will learn your weaknesses and find that this or that ball is very useful. However, your basic skills need to be improved by doing more specific technical exercises. For example, your pitch is not very good. You may have played game for 2-3 hours before scoring less than 100 goals. You can practice with special serve drills. hundreds of times.

3 small tips to quickly improve your badminton skills

Finally, returning to issues discussed above, in fact, we often have to play with people who are lower than us, maybe for friendship, for fun, etc. If you are afraid of affecting your level, you can play together with one person to increase running distance. When it is not possible to play with someone of same level, special exercises can be done to keep your skills up to date.

If there is a master willing to play with you, that is true love, please cherish it!

October 02, 2023