Badminton skills have not been improved, then you can try these three points to improve your skills

September 05, 2023

Have you seen this operation before? What does a coach train badminton players? Maybe you know something Badminton for all ages Actually, this is also an object Sports that require a lot of energy So, even when you reach a certa...

The second step of Xiaobai's badminton promotion to big devil, high ball is on right, master of feather forest is you

September 05, 2023

Abstract The high and long right hand throw is a relatively basic backcourt hitting technique in badminton and plays a vital role in game. In a real fight, a flexible combination of highball, cross and punch techniques often resul...

The game of badminton cannot be ignored! How should an ankle sprain be treated?

September 05, 2023

Overview of ankle sprains In process of playing with ball, in process of fast movement, due to panic or a barely caught ball, steps go in wrong direction, which can easily lead to hallux valgus or ankle curvature inward and ligame...

How to choose badminton shoes?

September 04, 2023

It's easy to be impulsive when shopping for sneakers. We often place orders on a "face value" basis and ignore other items, making it very inconvenient for us to wear them on court. Proper badminton shoes are basic and most impor...

Very important! Details that cannot be ignored when playing badminton in winter
Very important! Details that cannot be ignored when playing badminton in winter

September 03, 2023

It is commendable to pay attention to warm-up before game However, many golfers tend to overlook Warm-up for neck and Stretch and relax after playing This step is actually more important than warm-up Playing badminton in winter is...