Basketball Dribbling Steps Training

Basketball dribbling 1

Basketball in place

1.Preparatory part: running warm-up (neat and even, quiet and measured); freehand exercises (under guidance of sports committee, 4x8 hits: head, chest expansion, arm swing, side swing, rotation of trunk, stomach and back, lunge press, side press with legs, knees, ankles and wrists)

2. Main part: demonstration of teacher (excellent student)

Alternately swing your left and right hand in place (teacher reminds students to look ahead)

An analysis of score with gestures and dribbling. After teacher has demonstrated content of practice, divide students into pairs, one person gestures and other counts. For added fun, students can count in English.

Student Demonstration (Ask students to explain strengths and weaknesses of exemplary students)

Group practice (the teacher constantly reminds you of important and difficult moments of dribbling)

Physical exercise

3. Conclusion: Stretching and Relaxing: Have students relax to music.

Overall Evaluation: Summarize and evaluate overall situation of this lesson

May 12, 2023