What skills are there in game of basketball that are not known to most people?

What skills are there in game of basketball that are not known to most people?

What skills are there in game of basketball that are not known to most people?

1. Dribble ball without touching it.

2. Steps are more important than dribbling when you pass people.

3. Only when all dribbling movements can be performed smoothly with any connection can basic dribbling skills be considered qualified.

4. The simpler action, easier it is to use.

5. The palm of hand does not touch ball when it is thrown.

6. Throwing means that closer ball is to body, more comfortable it is to apply force.

7. It's easier to shoot with your feet.

8. When shooting, knees are slightly bent inward to protect knees.

9. The first time you receive ball, look at your teammates, not at basket.

10. Pass ball confidently, accurately and ruthlessly.

11. Don't hand it to a teammate after staring at it for a long time.

12. Try hitting ground and passing ball while playing at night when your eyesight is poor.

13. Passing is very useful for outfield players.

14. Active pick-and-rolls without a ball can create many opportunities.

15. Pass immediately if you feel uncomfortable.

16. Give a physical confrontation where defender has only one foot on ground on break.

17. Which leg of defender is in front.

18. If he is dead, he will be flipped, and if he is not stuck, he will be shocked.

19. Protecting ball is very important.

20. In disguise, speed is either high, rhythm is good, or quite low.

21. Stealing steps is very useful.

22. Retreat is more important than advance.

23. It's easier to grab board if card position is higher than jump.

24. After throw, it's easiest for me to predict place of bounce, and I can actively rush to grab it.

25. If you can't hold rebound, you can play ball.

26. It is very important that both parties can stand.

27. Holds ball in his hands, fearing that he will be cut due to downtime.

28. After passing by someone, look back before downtime.

29. You can watch your teammates if you have downtime and defense.

30. There is a strong inside line on opposite side and throw is best choice.

31. Impossible to walk without stopping dribbling.

32. In rules and regulations of walking, there is no such thing as continuity of movement.

33. Walking is judged on basis of 0-1-2 and whether pivot foot lifts and grounds ball.

34. It is not necessarily a foul, even if defender touches attacker's hand during layup. As long as defender's body is upright, with no forward lean or downward pressure.

35. Protect yourself from side sliding, otherwise it will be embarrassing to be knocked down.

36. Do not block shots if you can effectively interfere.

37. When stealing, move ball up to steal.

38. When you tighten your back and buttocks, you get most resistance

39. Naithe best effect is to take lead and give opposing defender a physical confrontation during pick and roll.

40. Suppression and confrontation are done sideways, not with shoulders.

41. Shoulder pressure makes it easier for you to overtake others.

42. An accurate shot makes your breakthrough ability stronger.

43. Breaking with ball, kicking back with one foot is more explosive than dashing forward.

44. When turning, lower center and increase steps.

45. It is best to lean on defender when turning.

46. The core, hips, and back are most important muscles for playing basketball.

47. Basic skills are ten thousand times more important than any bells and whistles.

48. If shot is not accurate, then change shooting position to standard one. Although they say that while you can score goals. But proper shot form can help you score more goals.

49. When throwing, index and middle fingers touch ball.

50. The purpose of maintaining shape of hand after shooting is to verify that shape of hand is correct.

May 12, 2023