how to play basketball

  1. 1. Learn to dribble. If you want to learn basketball, dribbling is foundation of game of basketball. First of all, if you buy a basketball, you can practice in open space outside. First, learn how to throw ball with your right hand. when walking, you can run while shooting. Switch to left hand. After left hand is also familiar, you can switch from left to right, and it is better to change playback frequency at will. That is, master. The most important point is not to watch basketball, which must be kept in mind.

Second, learn three-step layout. After you master dribbling, you must first understand basic rules of basketball and then learn how to lay up. A three-step layup isn't really three steps, but you can run two steps and last step is take-off, which is third step, which is actually a jump. To learn how to shoot, you can start by shooting from front, dribble into box, then run 2 steps with a basketball in your hands, jump in air and hit basketball on backboard on third step, and learn side after you are familiar with front . Of course, if you're tall enough, you can use both hands to throw and then it becomes a dunk.

Thirdly, shooting. First of all, there must be correct shooting technique. I suggest that students go to see Slam Dunk, an animation that I loved very much as a child. Once you have correct shooting method, you can practice both close and long range shooting. You can also take fixed shots and practice hundreds of times in same position. In other positions, your hit rate is also high.

May 12, 2023