A must-have trick for a basketball master! You will?

What trick can directly determine player's level during game?


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If it's inside,

It depends on first step of kickback after catching ball.

Swastika @Desperado

The realism of Buddha worship and accuracy of open shots.

@ put your hands up

Honestly, moment I got ball

You basically know general idea.

@Simple AI

Temperament, some people

You can tell by walking.


False pass detection shows his pass awareness,

The detection of three threats indicates his readiness to attack,

The rhythm of dribbling and movement of ball indicate that ball is OK,

Matchmaking often means basket is good, fakes are realistic, and finishing ability is good.


I think it's a disguise, some people are very good at disguise,

Some people change clothes.


Dribbling appearance, throwing posture,

Can you make a simple, protective enthusiasm.

@can drink ten bottles of water

If this person comes, say:

"Brothers, add another one, I can't even fight!"

Then ask him to join you.

@Indian Tomahawk

First of all, pay attention to dribbling, and then to physical training.

Typically, there are two types of field courts,

One of them is a pretty good ball,

First, it's a bad game, but bad hardware,

I belong to third type:

Bad skills and worse gear...


This type of golf is usually played in jeans and casual shoes.

At first glance, this is...

@no urine

I really can't hit, dribble and walk,

The ball was scored by a strong rusher, but ricochet was not intercepted, and defense fell,

However, I have a characteristic, that is, I can pass ball,

One pass is accurate, no one will intercept it,

So, after one game, zero points and countless assists

Moreover, it is impossible to break through dribbling, and three-point line is less than three times,

I'm practically wandering around half court, and no one is guarding me,

Basically, ball in my hand never stops for 2 seconds.

How long @ can last

Half! ! ! !

Actually, I found a way, buttocks rise,

I play well and have good core strength

The core is ready, how do you like its game?



During a college game, one guy warmed up and did a straight dunk,

And I left,

I later found out that he was on school team.

@Keith is very sharp

Firing action visible at 100% may be non-standard,

But it should be comfortable. If it doesn't match...

@this house

Cross passage

The strength and speed of ball can directly see base.


The simplest action to catch and hold ball

There is also truth and falsehood of first step in superiority of others, good or bad.


Usually wearing James T-shirts is all meals,

A god who wears uniform of his own team

At beginning, all stretchers are craftsmen,

At beginning, I showed all kinds of kosover, turning and pulling lever, it was all just pretend,

Grandpa Court, don't underestimate him, I'll tell you to be a man every minute.

Those who shoot repeatedly are usually not very good,

Everyone who touches rebounds (can only touch rebounds) is a rookie.


The difference between not being able to play and being able to play

Look directly at man's change of direction.

@Life is like a dream too

Worship Buddha, you should worship Buddha,

People who can worship Buddha are generally not bad.


Position for passing and shooting, but mostly looking at passing

Ordinary people do not deliberately practice passing ball, but focus on practicing throw,

As long as you pay attention, you will find those who are often high level people

Passing ball will help teammates catch it more comfortably

And each time it will consider whether pass is correct,

No waves.

@Uncle Drew

Dribbling skill, softness of throw and layup.

What specific trick...maybe it's a coherent movement and shooting at passersby


Suddenly protect him,

If you are a master, you won't panic,

If you don't know how to fight, you will panic.

@I can do it myself

This should also be asked, although I don’t know how to play,

But it's easy to see how others play.


Never look at ball while dribbling

It's not bad to look at people from bottom up.


Moment of ball game


There is one species that cannot be seen

During warm-up, I didn't take punches seriously, threw them casually, and couldn't get a single shot at all,

You think he can't throw ball and game officially starts, I'll die for accuracy.


I think it shows when buying water,

Know what water to buy during your workout.


See if he has a knife,

The ones with knives are usually very good,

But trash talk is terrible.

@Uncle Drew

Did you pay attention to official account of Mr. Skills?

Hahaha, a real basic break.


Basically, you can see level of this person in dribbling.

The second is shooting, which is also evident from his posture, strength, and hit percentage.

There is also protection. Active protection of a person is enough to prove his level.

The level of a person can be determined by these three points,

Although not all of them need to be knownhonest, but we can contact them first,

Practice what you do best after you become proficient. If you are new,

After reading post in this thread, if you are unfamiliar with these techniques.

You should be able to pick up basics quickly.

You can reply on official account (basketball training) 【Dribble】【Shoot】【Defense】

Those three keywords, don't forget to practice after reading!

After practice, you are no longer a beginner!

May 12, 2023