6 Week Training Plan to Improve Basic Basketball Skills

6 Week Training Plan to Improve Basic Basketball Skills

Ways to improve basic basketball skills:

1. Continuous practice. It takes a lot of practice and experience to improve basic basketball skills. Keep practicing every day to gradually improve your technical level.

2. Observation training: By watching basketball games, learn skills and movements of professional players, and constantly learn new basketball skills.

3. Seek advice. Find an experienced coach or player and have them provide you with technical guidance and tips to help you improve your basic basketball skills faster.

4. Step-by-step training: Divide basic basketball skills into several stages of learning, for example, practice dribbling first, then shooting, and gradually improve your skills.

5. Diversified workouts: During training process, try different training methods and techniques to make training even more fun and challenging.

6 Week Training Plan to Improve Basic Basketball Skills
6 week training program:

Week 1: Basic Fitness

1. Running: Run 30 minutes a day to improve cardiopulmonary function.

2. Rebound training: Perform squats, box jumps, and other exercises to improve leg strength and jumping ability.

3. Stretching. Do full-body stretches every day to improve joint flexibility.

Week 2: Dribbling Training

1. Basic Dribbling Skills: Do basic drills every day and master various dribbling skills.

2. Changing direction of ball. Practice changing direction of ball to improve your dribbling flexibility.

3. Dribbling leading people: Simulate dribbling and dribbling of people in game to improve real fighting ability.

6 Week Training Plan to Improve Basic Basketball Skills

Week 3 Shooting Training

1. Basic Shooting Skills: Do basic shooting exercises daily and master various shooting skills masterfully.

2. Shooting posture: Adjust shooting posture to ensure correct shooting action.

3. Shooting Practice: Practice shooting from different positions to improve your hit rate.

Week 4: Defense training

1. Basic Defensive Skills: Do basic defensive exercises every day to master a variety of defensive skills.

2. Side Steps: Practice side steps to improve defensive flexibility.

3. Protective Awareness: Develop protective awareness and improve protective effect.

6 Week Training Plan to Improve Basic Basketball Skills

Week 5: rebounding and passing drills

1. Picking Skills: Train your picking skills and improve your picking ability.

2. Basic Passing Skills: Do basic exercises every day and master various passing skills.

3. Passing Awareness: Develop passing awareness and improve passing effect.

Week 6: Practical Training

1. Competition Simulation: Run competition simulations to improve your real fighting ability.

2. Observation and Analysis: Observe your game and analyze areas that need improvement.

3. Continuous improvement. Constantly adjust and improve your basketball skills to improve your level of play.

6 Week Training Plan to Improve Basic Basketball Skills

Improving basketball skills requires long-term accumulation and constant practice, so it is necessary to maintain patience and perseverance in training process.

May 12, 2023